Bye Bye Baby Weight Week 9

Week 9:

This Week’s Loss/Gain: –.5
Total Weight Lost: 30.7
Weight to Go- 5 lbs

Food:  I didn't track what I ate this week but I know for sure that I stayed within my points.  I really haven’t been eating enough fruits and vegetables so that is my goal this week.

Fitness:  I made it to the gym twice this week. Not great, but definitely better. I did two days of Couch to 5k and I felt great after both sessions. My knee didn’t hurt at all so that’s a good thing. I was also pretty excited because I did 5 minutes of running during the cooldown at the end instead of walking. It’s good to know that I can run longer than a minute and a half. Winking smile Granted, I ran pretty slow and I’m nowhere near in the shape I used to be but I think I’ll be able to work my way back up to running long distances. I also did two days of strength training and holy moly was I sore!

Last Week’s Goals
- Complete Couch to 5k Week 2 again – Completed Week 2 Days 1 and 2
- Do strength training at least 3 times- 2 out of 3
-Complete Week 2 of 100 Pushups Program- I did 2 out of 3

This Week’s Goals:
-Complete Week 2 and Week 3 of Couch to 5k
-Complete Week 2 and Week 3 of 100 Pushups Program
-Try 3 strength workouts from magazines or the Internet

In order to get all of this done I will have to go the gym 4 times this week! Wish me luck!

Okay Mommas- how did you do this week?

Mom said...

Wow. So proud of you. Can't wait to see pictures. To get to my goal I need 7lbs. Glad you are not hurting when you workout.

the workaholic momma said...

Way to go girl...only 5 more pounds to go - thats awesome:) I'm glad to hear Couch to 5k went well this week and your knee didn't bother you!!! I'm starting week 5 this week and have been loving it so far:) Thanks again for hosting this link-up - its made such a difference for me:)

Amy said...

5 pounds to go! Wow that is awesome! Yes, thank you for hosting this link up too. I REALLY need something to hold me accountable.

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