Emails to Emerson

Have you seen this video? If not, get your tissues handy.
I saw this before E was born and I thought it was such a precious idea but I never got around to doing it. I saw it again a few days ago and I knew I had to do it. There are so many little things that I want Emerson to know and there are so many parts of our day to day life together that I want to remember. It’s all the little moments that we forget about but I think sometimes those little moments mean the most.  I can’t think of a better way to document it all.
So today, Emerson received her very first email. It was short and simple but I know we will love looking back on it someday and hopefully my sweet girl will know just how much she is loved.
Gina said...

oh that is so sweet and such cute idea!!

Traci said...

I saw that commercial too and its such a good idea.

Mom said...

That is so sweet and a wonderful idea. Emerson will cherish it when she is older.

Natalie said...

I saw that video a few months ago...it is too cute. I was thinking about just opening a private blog for my little girl, that way I could print them all out every year and give them to her when she's older or something. Technology is so cool :)

The Jeffcoats said...

I LOVE this idea!! I was doing the same thing, but the old school way. I have a journal that I write down all of those special moments w/Jackson. I'll have to transfer them to email now and start one for Ann Elise! Thank you for sharing!

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