Our Little Frequent Flyer

At only 10 weeks, Emerson has flown more than I did up until my twenties. So far she has taken 7 domestic flights and two international flights. I think it’s fair to say that she’s quite the little traveler. I’ve had a few people ask me about how it was flying with an infant, so I wanted to share a few tips and tricks I learned after our flights.


- Reserve your seats when you buy your tickets and double check them the day before you fly and when you arrive at the airport. On one flight, they had Emerson in a seat by herself on the other side of the plane even though we had previously reserved seats for the three of us on all of our flights.

If you don’t buy your baby a seat, you can gate check your stroller and care seat. It’s super easy. I do recommend getting a stroller bag to cover your stroller when you gate check it. We had one but didn’t use it and Emerson’s stroller took a beating. I think a lot of it is just dirt that Oxyclean will take care of, but it’s still annoying.

-If you do buy your baby a seat, make your sure your car seat is approved for air travel. There should be a sticker somewhere on the car seat. The flight attendants will ask to see this in order to let your baby ride in the car seat.


-Bring a boppy or a pillow. Even on short flights it gets tiring to hold the baby without anything to rest your arms on. We learned this the hard way on our way to North Carolina.

-Don’t forget your baby’s birth certificate or Passport. The airline may require it to prove that your baby is old enough to fly.

-Stay close to the gate when it’s boarding time. Passengers with small children get to board first. This is such a lifesaver because it gives you plenty of time to fold up the stroller at the gate, get on the plane, and get the baby settled.

-If you plan on breastfeeding try to pick a window seat in the back. I felt like it was a bit more private being in the back corner. There were a few flights where I was in an aisle seat though and my nursing cover worked just fine. If you haven’t used your cover or nursed in public at all then I definitely recommend doing some trial runs before your travel date. You can only get so much privacy on an airplane so it’s good to be used to nursing in public and using your cover. I have this one from Bebe Au Lait and I LOVE it.

Bebe au Lait Chateau Silver

-Try to get your baby to nurse, drink a bottle, or suck on a pacifier during takeoff and landing. This helps relieve the pressure on their ears. Emerson was sleeping during pretty much every time we took off or landed so we weren’t able to do this. Luckily, she didn’t have any problems with her ears.

Instead of carrying a diaper bag and my own carry-on, I used a large weekender bag. It was big enough to hold what I needed, as well as all of Emerson’s gear.  I just used the diaper bag insert that my Mom made to organize everything and it still left room for my stuff in the bag.


This is what I packed:

15 diapers (It’s my philosophy that you can never be over prepared!)

new package of wipes

changing pad

2 nursing covers

4 bottles of breast milk ( I brought these just in case. We only used one and it was while we were walking from one terminal to another to catch our next flight. We didn’t have time for me to stop and feed her and she was having a meltdown so the bottle worked great.)

2 changes of clothes for Emerson

1 change of clothes for me

Gripe Water

Pacifier wipes

Pacifier with clip

Extra pacifier

2 swaddling blankets

2 burp cloths

1 bib


Kindle (Didn’t really get to use either one of these much but I think it’s good to have something to do when the baby sleeps.)


I hope this helps some of you who are planning on flying with your little ones soon. Feel free to email me with any questions! Smile


Lyndsey said...

Perfect timing! We're flying in a couple weeks and I've been reading up on good tips! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

GREAT post!!! So much helpful info. She sure is a cute little traveller!

Joeylee said...

wow what the little traveler. glad to hear she did really well on all her flights. great tips I'll have to remember them if we ever fly with our girls

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing! Really helpful.

Gabriella said...

I love that she is holding her passport! :)

Stephanie said...

Love this post and appreciate all the advice! I am thinking of flying - just me and Mason - to see my parents in December and the logistics of it all is enough to give me anxiety!

Kaitlin said...

This is awesome, thank you so much for the pointers! I'm sure I will be flying with Kinley shortly and these ideas will come in very handy!!

the workaholic momma said...

Emerson looks so cute in her car seat and I think she has traveled almost as much as i have...she has certainly been to more exciting places (I've never been out of the country;)). This is such a wonderful post and so helpful for anyone getting ready to travel with a little one - thanks so much for posting about this!!

Mom said...

Aww our little traveler. She has her Mimi beat. That picture with her passport is precious. Hopefully mine will come soon and I can use it. Hugs and kisses. Love you.

cait said...

great tips! thanks for sharing! Glad she did so well for you all!

Anna & Kirby said...

I love that picture!!!!!!! You need to enter it into a photo contest... haha! I'm not sure which one but it's too funny!

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