I’m SEW Excited

A few days ago I mentioned that I finally broke down and bought another sewing machine to replace the one that I left in storage. I think I may have misled y’all a bit though when I said I’ve been itching to sew. You see, the truth is, I really don’t know how to sew at all. I have made a few pillows and even little curtains, but I am not a seamstress by any means. In fact, before today, it had been several years since I’d even touched a machine. I’ve been reading up on tutorials over the last few days and keeping my fingers crossed that some of what I knew would come back to me and really hoping I wouldn’t have to start learning completely from scratch.
I was super excited when my machine arrived yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to play around with it but I did take the user’s manual to bed with me for some bedtime reading. Smile
This morning I unpacked it and got it all set up.  I was really surprised at how little and lightweight it is- it is so cute! I had to read the directions a few times because I honestly couldn’t even remember how to wind the bobbin.
Once I did a few practice stitches, I knew I was ready to start my first project. I went through all my fun sewing tutorials on Pinterest and I finally decided on the changing pad cover found here. The tutorial was very well done and super easy to follow! The whole thing took me less than an hour and a half.
This is what Emerson’s changing pad looked like before:
And here it is now with the brand new cover:
It’s a little wrinkled because I’m a rebel and I didn’t iron it beforehand!  Hopefully some of those creases will fall out…
It’s definitely not perfect but I am so, so pleased with the way it turned out. I used scrap fabrics so I’m not crazy about the combo together but I’m just thrilled that I was actually able to make the cover and that it fits. It was my first time making pockets and using elastic so I felt like it was a major success! Even Emerson is impressed!
Now I just have to decide what project I want to do next….

Mom said...

You did a great job. I can tell that E approves.

Brittany said...


ajs {of MN} said...

great job! i would LOVE to have a sewing machine someday.

Kelly said...

Way to go! It looks great! I wish I could sew. My mom does all my stuff and has tried to teach me several times and I can't retain any of it for some reason! As long as she sets it all up for me, I can push the pedal and sew a straight line. Kind of. LOL

Lauren said...

Yeah! Looks great. Can't wait to see what else you make!

Lyndsey said...

Very cute! I wish I knew how to sew, but that's what I have my mom for, haha :)

SushiMama said...

I'm impressed! My sewing abilities consist of sewing a hem for curtains with the help of my MIL (aka she did most of the work and I tried to keep things in a straight line).

cait said...

I love it! Way to go! I think the color combo is really fun...looks like Emerson agrees! ;) Can't wait to see what else you decide to make!

The Jeffcoats said...

You did such a great job girl!! I love it!! I know Emerson is so proud of her mommy. :) I bought a sewing machine over a month ago and I know NOTHING about sewing. I need to take a class so I can make something cute too! :) Good luck on your next project!

the workaholic momma said...

That is awesome - I LOVE it!!! I have really wanted to learn to sew but have been so intimidated by the whole idea of it!!! I can't wait to see all of the other pretties you are going to make...her changing pad cover looks great:)

Kait said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! I do feel like I'm mostly belly, lol :) But I'm afriad to think how big it will get over the next 10 weeks! Eeeek.

I used to sew too, and really want to start back up. Great job on the changing pad cover!!!

Megan said...

That looks great!! I have a brother sewing machine too. Mine does embroidery too but im to nervous to test it out lol this makes me want too!!!

Anna & Kirby said...

You did SEW good sewing ;) Seriously... super cute!

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