Little Swimmer

Since Emerson loves bath time so much we decided it was time to take her for her first visit to the pool. The pool in our compound is not chilled (yes- it’s so hot here that they  have to chill the pools) so it pretty much feels like a warm bath. We waited until it got dark so we wouldn’t all melt and we suited her up.

emerson week 15 and 16 032

She loved every second of it. I think we might have a little swimmer on our hands!

emerson week 15 and 16 038

She even did a few tricks. Future synchronized swimmer, perhaps?

emerson week 15 and 16 041

emerson week 15 and 16 044

She loved the lights around the pool and spent most of the time checking out her surroundings.

emerson week 15 and 16 048

I would definitely have to say our first visit to the pool was a success! I’m not sure who had the most fun though- Daddy or Emerson!

emerson week 15 and 16 047


Lauren said...

Love her bathing suit! Glad she liked the pool. Alex was a big fan too.

Anonymous said...

OMG she's sooo adorable! looks like daddy is in love!

Mom said...

Yes she will be ready for water carnival in Ft Stockton in no time. She is such a cutie. It is precious to see how much her Daddy enjoys her. She looks so cute standing.

Mateya said...

So cute! Love her little suit!

Joeylee said...

she is adorable as always. Love that last picture, so sweet

ajs {of MN} said...

very cute! avrie loves the water too, at 6 months i can get her in a "water babies" class- i think she will LOVE it. :)

Kelly said...

Precious!!! Love those chubby little thighs in that suit. She is sitting up so well for her age too!

Rebekah said...

So fun! She looks precious is her bathing suit!

Gabriella said...

What an adorable bathing suit. Love the pictures...so glad she likes the water!! :)

Baby Mama said...

I love her suit!

cait said...

how sweet! what fun it looks like she had!

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