Happy 5 Months Emerson!

Hey Sweetpea,
It’s so hard to believe that you are 5 months old today. It honestly feels like just yesterday that I was checking into the hospital, anxiously waiting to meet you. You are growing way too fast! I have to admit I’m a bit sentimental today and I’ve been giving you lots of extra hugs and kisses. By extra, I mean a billion jillion. Every month I say that your current age is my favorite but I have to say that 5 months is the absolute best. You are really starting to notice the world around you and it is so amazing to watch you take it all in. You love your Mommy and Daddy and your eyes follow us all around the room when we’re not sitting right by you. You love to smile and laugh and will often laugh at the weirdest things . Daddy is the best at getting you to do full on belly laughs. He can just pretend to tickle you and you will laugh like a wild girl. I love to watch y’all play together and to hear your shrieks and giggles.  I honestly don’t think my heart has ever been so full.  You are my little mini-me and we do everything together, from shopping to blogging, to cleaning and cooking. Even the most boring chores are fun with your smiling little face right beside me. Every single day I wonder how I got so very lucky to be your Mommy.  Daddy and I were happy before you came along, but now that we have you, happiness doesn’t even touch how we feel!
We love you so much beautiful baby girl and we are SO proud to be your parents.
Emerson 5 months 123-1
e 5 months
elo 5 months
Your 5 Month Stats:
Weight: 13 lbs 8 ozs- 25th percentile
Length: 24.5 inches- 35th percentile
Head Circumference: 16 inches
You are still wearing Size 0-3 month clothes, but Mommy has started putting you in some of your smaller 3-6 month clothes. I’m afraid you’re going to have some huge growth spurt and outgrow everything before you get to wear it. A few days ago we switched you to Size 2 diapers for bedtime. You still wear Size 1s during the day, but we will probably phase those out in the next week or so. Although you are relatively small, you have the most scrumptious little chubby thighs. Momma just loves your sweet baby rolls!
You are nursing every 2-4 hours. You usually go around 3 hours between feedings, but you occasionally want to eat after two and a half hours and will sometimes stretch to 4. We are doing baby sign language with you and you definitely recognize the sign for milk and will start whimpering in response until I feed you. It’s so awesome! You haven’t tried any solid foods yet but you are showing signs of readiness. You love to watch Mommy eat and you smack your lips when we’re chewing.  Only one more month to go baby girl!
This month:
You LOVE to stand up. Anytime we are down on the floor with you, you want to be standing up. You aren’t sitting up on your own yet, but you can sit up in Mommy’s lap very well.
emerson 21 weeks 004
You are happiest when you are on your tummy. Anytime I put you down on your back, you immediately roll over onto your tummy.  You have even done this in your crib during naptime. When you’re on your tummy you are starting to move your arms and legs like a little swimmer and you can hold yourself up on your arms for a long time. I have a feeling we’ll have a crawler on our hands in no time!
Emerson 20 weeks 038
I’m hoping you are going to be our little bookworm. You will sit in my lap and listen to me read 2 or 3 books at a time. Your favorites are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and your soft circus book from Ikea. When I give it to you, you hold is just like you are reading it. Momma hopes you will have a love of books just like I do.
You are starting to love your jumperoo. You still don’t jump very much,  but you love to play with all of the toys.  You also love Sophie, your little magic wand, your playgym, and the giraffe that hangs on your carseat.
Emerson 20 weeks 011
You are constantly looking around and watching what’s going on around you. It’s hard to keep you still. You love to put your pointer finger in your mouth and chew on it. I think I see a tooth in your bottom gums so that may explain it! If you don’t have your finger in your mouth, you have your feet in your hands. Thankfully, your feet haven’t made it to your mouth yet, but it won’t be long.
You rarely ever cry, but when you do it is SO stinkin’ cute. You have a hard time staying mad so even when you are at your maddest, you can’t help but smile. There were a few times this month when you were actually laughing in between sobs.  Most of the time I think you are being a bit of a drama queen to make sure Momma and Daddy are giving you our undivided attention.
You haven’t been sleeping well for the last few weeks. You have been waking up about 30 minutes after we put you to bed and staying up until midnight! Once we finally get you to sleep again you wake up 2 or 3 times a night to eat. I think it’s a combination of a growth spurt and being uncomfortable in your Pack N’ Play.  Because of this, we made the hard decision to move you to your own room to sleep. Last night, you slept in your crib for the first time! You only woke up once so it seemed to be a success. Of course, Momma didn’t get a wink of sleep, but that’s a whole other story. You are officially a big girl in your crib and you looked pretty content when I checked on you this morning.
Emerson 5 months 008-1
You are such a sweet and beautiful baby girl and Daddy and I love you more and more with each passing day.  You are our biggest blessing!
Happy 5 Months Pumpkin!
Emerson 5 months 168-1
The Jeffcoats said...

Happy 5 Month birthday sweet baby Emerson!!! I can't believe you're 5 months old already!! Ann Elise can't wait to meet her BFF one day (sooner hopefully, rather than later!). I LOVE the pictures of her in this post. They're all so adorable I can't comment on just one!! She's just precious! Give her a kiss from Aunt Mandy!! We love you!

Megan said...

Doesn't time just fly by!!!! She is such a cutie!! I love the picture of her in her crib!

Lindsay said...

she is so cute!!! oh my word!!! :)
love that pumpkin beanie!!!

Joeylee said...

Happy 5 Months sweet girl. She is adorable and getting so big. Love the comparison pics with the outfits, so much fun to see how much they've grown. Love that black n white outfit and the rainbow tutu with leg warmers, so adorable! Switching them to their crib in their own room is the hardest. Hope by the switch it helps her sleep better.

Nicole said...

oh my goodness...I love the tutus!

Regan said...

She is so cute! My Lexi is 5 months but is 18.5 lbs! Holy moly! Very cute little sweetpea!

Lyndsey said...

Ahh, so cute! I love the multi-colored leggings and tutu - she looks like Rainbow Bright! And that picture of her sleeping in her crib is just too precious!

Natalie said...

5 months already?! How do their little lives just fly by so quickly? She is so sweet!

Gabriella said...

Oh my goodness! Cuteness! She is such a happy little girl. I love her big smiles. Happy 5 months Miss Emerson! :)

-Lauren said...

You moved her to the crib?! I am so proud of you. You may have just given me strength to it too! Love the rainbow outfit. She is so stinkin' cute!

Rebekah said...

Oh my word, her baby rolls are KILLING me. She is just too precious! I can't believe she's already 5 months old!

Anna & Kirby said...

GOsh, there is so much I want to say about this post! I love the letter to her... the flashback pics... the oh so sad face...the cute as can be pumpkin hat...the reading pic... the wobbly walking pic.... tutu!


ajs {of MN} said...

she is SO cute! wish you were in MN that way A and E could be best buds- they sound SO much alike!! i love that photo of her in her crib with that super cute wearable blanket :) happy 5 months Emerson!

ajs {of MN} said...

p.s. last night i said "boingy" and... i thought of you! hahahaha

The Shamblins said...

So much of this post reminded me of Walker. They seem to be in almost the exact same place! I feel really sentimental these days too. I've always wanted lots of babies but I can definitely see why people have more than one! They just grow too darn fast!

the workaholic momma said...

Happy 5 months, Emerson!!!! This is just the sweetest post....I cannot believe she is already 5 months old...where has the time gone?!?!

This girl must have the best wardrobe of any girl I've seen - her clothes are ALWAYS SO adorable and I love the bows:)

Hope you guys are having a good week!!

Baby Mama said...

I love love that black and white outfit!

Mom said...

What a cutie. Love the picture in her coming home outfit and bloomers. My she has grown. She looks so sweet in her crib. Her pumpkin hat is so cute. Mimi has got to get busy and get her some outfits monogrammed and in the mail. All of the pictures are precious. She is so loved. We love you all.

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