Mimi’s Boutique

I’ve had this post planned for a while and I thought it would be perfect for today since I had a couple of people ask yesterday about some of Emerson’s outfits . Emerson is lucky to have a very talented Mimi who loves to make cute stuff. I know I mentioned before that Mimi recently got an embroidery machine. Since then, she has made Emerson (and all of her cousins) some pretty adorable stuff. Here are just a few of the things that came from Mimi’s Boutique:
Tons of bibs. burp cloths, and even some tiny little ballet slippers:
14 weeks 046
Some beautiful dresses and stylish outfits:
And her patches for her monthly photos:
14 weeks 048
A few days ago we got a box full of goodies. I left several outfits for Mimi to monogram and she got them done, along with some adorable fall bibs and onesies.  I will share pictures of those as my baby girl wears them.
Isn’t my sweet girl lucky to have such a crafty Mimi? She sure thinks so!
But since she can’t give her Mimi a hug right now, she hugs her lovie from Mimi instead!
Anna & Kirby said...

umm... yes. I love Emerson's Mimi! I hope Mimi's Boutique is around when we have a little one. :)

Joeylee said...

adorable, we have a MIMI who sews the girls LOTs of dresses and skirts. I'll have to get her to do monogrammed stuff too.

love it all!

Mom said...

Mimi loves making her sweet little ones things. Sure do miss our sweet girl. Love you

Christa said...

I love her little bibs! SOO cute!

Melissa said...

She has such cute clothes! I love the big bows bib!

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