Momma Needs a Makeover Part 1: Hair

As you may have noticed in recent pictures, my hair is a hot mess. Thanks to the lovely post-pregnancy hormones I’m shedding like a dog. (This is no lie- I find hair EVERYWHERE and it is completely disgusting.) Combine that with  my 3 inch black roots and the horrible humidity and you’ve got one rough-looking ‘do.


So- I’m on the quest to revamp my style so that it is manageable and cute. You know there’s not much worse than bad hair!

I’ve been keeping it pretty short for the last 7 or 8 years. I’ve tried growing it out a few times but I always give in and cut it.  But I’ve decided to try to grow it out again. I’m not talking waist length- just long enough to be able to put it up in a short little ponytail. I also plan on getting it highlighted again, but maybe not quite as blonde as usual. I need something that will hide the regrowth a little bit better since I probably won’t be making trips to the salon every 6 weeks like I usually do.

Here are a couple of my hairspirations:

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what I want my hair to look like

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So, what do you think? Which color/cut do you like best? Bangs or no bangs? My hair isn’t quite long enough for any of these styles yet, but it’s getting close so when I go in for a trim hopefully I can at least start getting it shaped, even if the length isn’t quite there. I will also definitely be getting these roots taken care of. Once I do, I’ll be back with an update. Smile


SushiMama said...

As far as color, I like Jennifer Aniston's best because it seems to have dark woven into the blonde, which might make it easier to go longer between appointments. As far as cut, ummm they all look fairly similar to me:)

The Jeffcoats said...

I like the cut of Jessica Simpson's (I'm actually going for that "look" right now too if it will ever grow out enough!) and for the color I like Jennifer Anniston's. I agree that if you aren't going to get it highlighted every 6 weeks that this would be the easiest to manage! Oh, and your hair is NOT a hot mess my friend!! ;)

Rebekah said...

I love all the cuts. Similar but some have that a-line to it. I think you'll look beautiful with either one! I'm so not good when it comes to color since I have zero experience in coloring my hair, but I know whatever you choose will look lovely!

Joeylee said...

I'm with ya I need to revamp my style! I love the Jennifer Aniston one the best!

Kelly said...

Don't we all wish we had Jennifer Aniston's hair? No matter what the style, it always looks amazing.

I always think I want bangs and then I end up regretting it and pinning them back 90% of the time. If you are't like that though, I think bangs would look nice!

Amy Young said...

First off, I dont think your hair looks like a hot mess.... BUT I am excited to see it a bit longer as I've never seen you with long, well longer hair before.

Love the inspiration photos!! That length will look great on you :)

Anna & Kirby said...

I like any of them... they all would look great on you. :)

ajs {of MN} said...

i love the heidi hair! oh and my hair is TOTALLY falling out EVERYWHERE it too is SO disgusting! UGh when does it stop? when i am bald??? or what!!?

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