I’m Blank Because…

I saw this on Little Miss Momma and thought it would be fun to join in. I think it’s pretty funny that my weird list is the longest of all. Haha! Smile


I’m weird because:

I don’t like sugar in my coffee but I do love fancy schmancy drinks from Starbucks that are super sweet

I hate wearing shorts even when it’s 120 degrees

I’m super claustrophobic and deathly afraid of getting stuck in an elevator

I hate blowdrying/styling my hair

I love a super clean house but I hate cleaning

I will change clothes 56 times and hate every single outfit

I have to sleep with a pillow under my leg

I like schedules and routines but I get bored with monotony

I also have to hold something in my hand when I’m sleeping. I usually just bunch up the corner of the pillow or wrap my hand around the bedpost. Super weird, I know.

I hate being away from Emerson and have a hard time trusting anyone with her (except family!)

I love seeing new places but I hate the actual travel part

I couldn’t wait to move overseas but I am incredibly homesick


I’m a bad friend because:

I’m terrible about returning calls/emails

I’d rather text than talk on the phone

I use distance as an excuse for not being better about keeping in touch

I talk way too  much

I rely on others to make plans instead of being the initiator


I’m a good friend because:

I’ll do almost anything for my friends

Even if we haven’t seen each other in years, I can pick up right where we left off

Even though I talk a lot, I’m also a good listener

I love to just sit and talk and would rather do that than make elaborate plans

I’ll love my friends’ kids like they are my own and I’ll babysit anytime Smile


I’m sad because:

I miss my family and friends terribly and hate that they don’t get to see E

My baby girl is 6 months old today. She’s growing so fast and she’s not a little baby anymore!

I miss Oscar and Grace

We don’t get to go home for the holidays

I haven’t met very many friends here and it gets lonely sometimes

I’m about to be 30 and my twenties will be OVER

Our sweet nephew is still undergoing Chemo

We didn’t get any mail this week (petty, huh?)

I read some terrible stories in the news yesterday. I can’t imagine someone hurting a child, let alone their own child. It makes me sick.

There are children in this world that are dying from hunger. It is something that is unfathomable to me.


I’m happy because:

I love being a family of 3 and I love being a Mommy

My baby is 6 months old today. She is thriving and healthy (and absolutely beautiful!)

I’m married to my best friend and he makes me laugh all the time

I have a gorgeous little baby girl who makes me smile all day long

I get to connect with other awesome Mommas through blogging

I get to be a SAHM. I’m there every time E wakes up, every time she eats, and for each milestone. It’s the biggest blessing in the world to me.

I’m about to be 30 and I have so much to look forward to in my thirties

I have a wonderful family who would do anything for us

I’m excited for:


decorating for Christmas

spending the day at the pool today

Emerson’s first Christmas

feeding Emerson solids

Christmas shopping

my parents’ visit in 2012

all my friends who are pregnant/just had babies

my 30th birthday

the beautiful sneak peaks our lovely photographer has been posting. I love every.single.one.


Andrea said...

Loving that picture! What a fun post! I am jealous that you will be by the pool. It's about 50 degrees here in Oklahoma. No pool for me =(

Mom said...

You are a good friend and an even better daughter. So glad you are able to stay home and enjoy E. We can't wait to come. The latest picture is so cute. Love you

Brittney Galloway said...

I'm loving all of the sneak peak pictures you are posting!!

And I totally understand on the homesick/no friends so you're lonely thing. We have a couple of trips to your city planned in the next 3 months to do house hunting/meetings for Ian, so we'll have to try and get together!

MICHELE said...

Seriously I would do this too, if it weren't for the fact I would pretty much be copying your answers :) That is so me! Especially every.single. I am weird line and I am Bad friend lines. HA! Enjoy your first Christmas with your baby girl, it really makes it all the more special!

ajs {of MN} said...

holding something while you sleep, yeah kind of weird! hahaha kidding :)
and you should send me your mailing address... {before the holidays ;)}

Anonymous said...

Love it! I linked up too! you have some great things!

Joeylee said...

what a fun post!
loving that picture of emerson, beautiful

Kelly said...

Happy 6 months Emerson!

Lindsay said...

cute post!!! may borrow this idea next week :)
enjoy the pool today!!
happy 6 months emerson :)

ashley @ little miss momma said...

sooo loved this post! you have an adorable blog and I found my self smiling at so many of these!

Jacky Kaye said...

Your blog is AMAZING!!! Super super cute!!! Check out my blog at JackyKaye.blogspot.com, i did this post from littlemissmomma as well!

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