Emerson’s First Christmas

On Christmas Day Emerson woke up about 6:30. I fed her and she immediately went back to sleep. We couldn’t wait for her to wake back up so she could see her gifts from Santa (with a few things thrown in from Mommy and Daddy.) Having a baby makes you feel like a kid all over again and we were both pretty giddy with anticipation.


When she finally woke up, we brought her in the living room and put her down on the floor so she could see the toys in front of the tree.


It was so cute to see her checking everything out.


She loved her new book and didn’t want to put it down.



I loved her and didn’t want to put her down.

CHRISTMAS 2011 183


Violet the Puppy was a definite hit.



“Did this thing just say my name?”


“Man, all this present opening and playing is hard work.”

She played for a while longer and then took a break from opening presents to eat breakfast and take a little nap. When she woke up, it was back to the presents.

CHRISTMAS 2011 228-1



Then it was playtime.



We finally all got dressed but not before we got a few jammie shots in front of the tree.


I really wanted to get a picture of Emerson with all of her gifts so that was first on the agenda.



Then we let her go wild. Talk about sensory overload. She didn’t know where to look or what to touch. She is definitely one very lucky and very loved little girl. Thank you to everyone for the awesome presents for our sweet girl!


While Emerson played, we finished the preparations for dinner. Luckily, one of Jesse’s Marines is a cook, so he offered to make several side dishes and a dessert. All I made was a veggie tray, a cheese ball, macaroni and cheese (amazing!) and a Snickers trifle. It was super easy and stress free. Jesse smoked the brisket for about 13 hours and it was incredible, as usual.


The Marines came over around 2:00 and the guys played Wii golf until it was time to eat. As usual, we had way too much food and we all ate until we couldn’t eat anymore.

CHRISTMAS 2011 351CHRISTMAS 2011 352-1

Emerson couldn’t partake in the feast just yet, but she seemed perfectly content with her cauliflower and rice cereal.


After dinner, we played some more Wii and then we played Celebrity. If you’ve never played, I highly recommend it. We let Emerson stay up a little past her bedtime so she could hang out. She hates to miss the action when we have people over.

When we went to bed that night, Jesse and I talked about how fast the day went. It’s hard to believe that Emerson’s first Christmas has already come and gone. But we couldn’t have asked for a better day and we surely couldn’t ask for a better girl.

CHRISTMAS 2011 329

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Beth Ann said...

Holden got a Scout puppy (the boy version of Violet!). Love the picture of her with all her presents and also loooove her reindeer dress. You guys are a beautiful family! Sounds like Emerson had a wonderful 1st Christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

Awe she is so precious. So glad y'all had a fantastic 1st Christmas with Emerson! It only gets better from here :)
My little girl has a Violet too and she loves her...
P.S. I am starting a New Years Biggest Loser Challenge if you want to check it out :D

Lucy The Valiant said...

Awww, what a perfect first Christmas!

Lyndsey said...

Oh my goodness, could her Reindeer outfit be any cuter??? It looks like E was very spoiled and had a wonderful first Christmas!

I am loving her ball pit! I think that may have to go on Liam's birthday list :) And we got the Scout puppy (boy Violet) too but we haven't programmed it yet. It seems to be pretty popular this Christmas!

Joeylee said...

beautiful family photo! E's reindeer outfit is adorable! Looks like Emerson was a really good girl this year. That is such a cute ball pit. Glad to hear that you had an awesome 1st Christmas with Emerson.

Allison said...

It looks like your 1st Christmas as a family of 3 was a huge success! Emerson is too cute for words, your food looked amazing! :)

Andrea said...

I am loving her outfits and you looked beautiful! Gracie was kind of overwhelmed with everything too! Her b-day is in 2 months and I told everyone that she didn't need even one more thing, ha!

The Jeffcoats said...

It looks like sweet little E had a wonderful first Christmas!! She looked precious as always!! :) Love the pics of her with her toys!! Can't wait for her to get to play with Ann Elise!

Aleyta said...

How cute!!! She looks so cute looking at her gifts for the first time under the tree :)

Michelle said...

Ellie got Violet the dog and the lantern too! How fun! Once again I love the headband!!! She really made out with all the presents! And that food looks delicious!!!! Looks like you had an amazing day!

Mom said...

Emerson had an awesome first Christmas. She is darling. Mimi can't wait to play with her. Love you.

Anonymous said...

what a cute family photo! We got Morgan Violet for her birthday this year and she still loves that thing.

Megan said...

Y'all are SO SO cute! I'm glad that she had a great first Christmas!!

Sarah said...

I LOVE these pictures - you have such a gorgeous eye for the camera! And it looks like you all got great gifts :) I'm so happy you guys had a great Christmas!

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