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Edited On May 23, 2012 to Add: At this point I can no longer recommend The Princess and Me bows.  I have not received my last two shipments from her and upon further investigation I have learned that there are many, many other people who have also not received their bows, nor any communication whatsoever from the owner of The Princess and Me. I'm very sad about this because we LOVE her bows but her current business practices are just not something that I can stand behind.
emerson bows 010
I’m sure it’s pretty obvious that we are big bow fans in this house. I know some people think it’s torture but I promise Emerson actually likes them. She LOVES to look at herself in the mirror when she has one of her bows on her head. And you know what they say: the bigger the bow, the better the Mama!
Anyway, I’ve had several comments recently asking where I get all of Emerson’s bows so I thought I would do a post about it.
I have purchased her bows from several different shops and I’ve also made a few of them. I quickly learned that by the time I buy the ribbon and the embellishments that I usually spend as much as I would just buying the bow so I don’t make my own too often anymore.
So- my favorite place to buy bows: (hover over titles for links)
The Princess and Me
This shop is where the majority of Emerson’s big bows are from and it’s pretty much the only place I order from now.  I love buying bows from The Princess and Me because her prices are very reasonable and the customer service is great. If you like her page on Facebook she will often put coupon codes for 15-20 percent off your purchase. In fact, there is a 20 percent off code RIGHT NOW! She also does a Bow Bucks program that gives you points towards future purchases and she always puts a coupon code in with each order. Like I said before, I have ordered bows from several places but The Princess and Me is my absolute favorite place to order from. Here are a few of my favorites from there:
The double ruffle bow (I have this in several colors and LOVE it! She recently added more colors and I plan on buying more because they are just so cute!)
Emerson 20 weeks 024
The 4 inch double layer boutique bow (These are my favorite solid color bows. They have the best shape and sit so nicely on E’s head. I love the way they look and I want it in every color!)
The Glitz and Glam Boutique hairbow (Another beautiful bow that I’d like to have in every color!)
And, of course, her holiday OTT (over-the-top bows) are to-die-for!
emerson week 31 017-1
December 2011 028-1
These are just a few of the bows I’ve bought from The Princess and Me. I have loved every single one and I’m dying to place my next order. Guess I better check the bow budget…

Next up is Mud Pie bows.
I just think they are so cute and fun. I purchased mine from Amazon. I think they are a pretty decent price and the shipping was free so you can’t beat that. The one below is Mud Pie Zebra Wild Child. We also have the Mud Pie Giraffe Wild Child which is equally as cute.
I bought several of her smaller solid color bows from this seller on Ebay.  They are from Hong Kong but they made it to me in less than a week and they are super cheap and very well made.  If you buy a lot they usually end up being about a dollar each. You can’t beat that!  I will admit that I don’t love them as much as the ones from the Princess and Me but they are good basic bows. Here’s a sample:
For Emerson’s 6 month photos I really wanted a vintage looking rosette headband. I knew by the time I ordered all of the materials it would cost me as much as it would to buy the headband. So I ended up ordering it from Petite Peanut Boutique on Etsy. Although it was a bit pricey it is very well made with beautiful materials and I love the way it looks on E. I think we will be able to get a lot of use out of it. That being said, I probably wouldn’t order these for everyday wear because of the price but I think they are great for special events/photos.
Several of E’s bows and headbands are made from adult accessories I have found at places like Kohls and Target. Sometimes they are pins/clips and I am able to clip them right on her headbands. Sometimes they are glued onto adult headbands. When they are, I usually just take them apart and glue them on to alligator clips or directly onto headbands. I’ve made her some really cute and cheap hair accessories by doing this.
This one is a pin from Kohls. It already had a clip so I just clip it right onto her headbands.
The rest of her bows I made using tutorials from the internet.  My sister-in-law also made several of them as well. There are so many resources out there you can pretty much find out how to make any bow you’d like. (Links to tutorials under each pic)
Ribbon Flower Tutorial (I used the tutorial to make 3 flowers and then layered them and glued them together.)

week 17 035
I used this tutorial to make different rosettes using cloth and ribbon and then hot glued them together and glued felt on the back. Then I glued them on headbands. For me the best way to do this is find some that I like on Etsy and then try to redesign the style using what I have. The red and white Christmas one I made turned out pretty cute but it doesn't look great up close and the back is just atrocious. Basically they are perfect for what we need but I would never be able to sell them or anything.
I also ended up buying this tutorial e-book on Etsy to learn how to make boutique bows. I think it’s a well written tutorial and worth it if you are going to really stick to making your own bows. I used it to make the above bow and the one Emerson is wearing in the first picture. Mine really don’t look like the ones pictured which is why I quit making my own! Between the cost of materials and the time involved it’s usually cheaper for me to buy them!
For headbands, I bought all of the crocheted and nylon ones at Hobby Lobby. You can buy the same ones they sell here and The Princess and Me also sells them. However, I really prefer to make my own headbands out of 5/8 inch foldover elastic. I think they are the softest and most comfortable and they are super cheap. I bought a bunch of this elastic in different colors from this seller on Etsy. I just measure Emerson’s head, cut a piece and glue and it together at the ends. Then I cut a small piece and wrap it around where I glued it together and glue it on, leaving one side unglued so that I can clip the alligator clips to it. I use regular salon alligator clips from Sally’s beauty supply.
emerson christmas time 064
emerson christmas time 065
As you can see- we take our bows very seriously in this house! A great bow can make turn the simplest outfit into something absolutely adorable! It can get a little expensive at times but I have decided to look at this first year of bow buying as an investment. Emerson will be able to wear all of these bows for many years to come so the bow buying will probably slow down once we have a good stock. Or not… Winking smile
I hope this was helpful and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or want to know where a specific bow is from.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this post. All of these opinions are mine only based on the experiences I have had with the products/shops I listed. And yes, I did shamelessly use this post as an excuse to share 100 even more pictures of my precious girl.
Jamie said...

Oh my. I love them all. My little one has to wear them every day too or else she gets called a boy (she still doesn't have much hair- at 19 months!).

Christine said...

omg, i love her bows! you can tell she has a southern mama. :) we southern girls do love our bows!

The Jeffcoats said...

I LOVE the princess and me!!! I'm so addicted to her bows ever since you told me about her!! She is awesome and I agree w/you- you can make your own, but I was spending more in ribbon and supplies than I would for just buying the bows outright! :) Love all of E's bows! She's got her momma's style for sure!!

Andrea said...

Girl, I am right there with on the bow thing! My mom learned how to make bows because I was afraid I would go bankrupt, haha. She always has the boutique southern style solid bow in her hair, but I love the over the top whimsical ones for special outfits, especially Christmas! I am so sick of people telling me "poor baby, that bow is bigger than her head" It's so annoying, haha

Traci said...

Oh I LOVE big bows but Hadley started ripping hers off around 6 months...I was so disappointed. Now I only put little ones in and she still finds it and rips it out every time we're in the car.

Joeylee said...

Thanks for sharing these awesome sites. I will buying some new bows for the girls from The Princess & Me. They are priced great. I might check out the eBay one too. Loving all of E's bows

Mateya said...

I just love them all! I'm bookmarking this post for reference if Baby B is a girl :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. GREAT post- I'm going to check out some of these websites! Emerson is so adorable in these pics:)

Gabriella said...

SOOOOOOOOOO cute! Merry Christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

I love love love big bows!!!! she's a beauty! Merry Christmas to you and your family!~

Katie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post and all of her BIG bows! The bigger the better:) Maybe one day I'll get a little girl and will definitely be referring back to this post. Thanks!

-Lauren said...

My mind is telling me to bookmark this page, just in case I ever have a little girl. My mind is also telling me I'm crazy to even think about another baby :)

Kelly said...

Thank you!!!! Love all the amazingly adorable bows. I mean seriously... seems like she has a new one for each outfit. PLUS, she can wear them for years and years which makes them well worth the money!

Those are by far the best headbands and I didn't realize you can buy the elastic and make them yourself.

Megan said...

I totally adore the big bows!!

Anna & Kirby said...

I've got to remember this post! If I have a girl, I'm coming to you with bow advice! ;) I love all of E's

Anonymous said...

such adorable bows!

Anonymous said...

was just curious - did you ever hear anything back about your bow shipments? i have not received my bows (for the 12-month bow of the month club) since march (i joined in august) and have been trying to do some research as to why and i came across your updated post.

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