Right Now

I saw this on The Pleated Poppy and thought it would be fun.

right now I am…

watching:  nothing. I never turn the TV on during the day. Emerson is napping so it’s pretty quiet at the moment. I did download the first Harry Potter movie since I finally finished the books. We will probably watch it tonight.

eating:  a sesame bagel with cream cheese. Tim Horton’s just opened here and I can finally have bakery bagels with cream cheese again. Yum!

drinking:  black coffee with whipped cream. Should be drinking water.

wearing: a black long sleeve t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops. Our AC is broken downstairs and they have been working on it for about a week so it’s kind of warm but not too warm for long sleeves.

avoiding:  folding laundry. vacuuming. packing away the clothes that Emerson has outgrown

feeling:  excited for the weekend.  There are a couple of Christmas markets and tree lightings so hopefully we’ll do something Christmas-y.

missing: everyone back home and Oscar and Grace.

thankful:  for a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

weather:  It’s 77 degrees and partly cloudy. In other words- it’s gorgeous! When we first got here and it was hotter than Hades I never believed that I would actually enjoy the weather here. Now I love it. I try to get outside as much as possible to enjoy it. That being said I would still love to see one day of snowy and cold weather. It’s hard to get in the Christmas spirit without the cold!

praying:   for our nephew Matthew

needing: some new jeans. Anyone have any recommendations? I’ve tried on a bunch of different Gap jeans and they  just don’t fit me right anymore.

thinking: (about) getting more organized. all the craft projects I want to do. getting back into the Bible study I started and never finished.  what book I should read next.  I really need to workout. the future and what it holds for our little family.

loving:  all the sweet comments about our family pictures!    That my parents will be here in less than one month.     That  I am done with all of our Christmas shopping and our Christmas cards.     That my wonderful Mom reads my blog and comments on every post- I love you Mom!     E in one of her her sweet Christmas outfits made by Mimi

Emerson Week 30 044-1

My family- they are my reason for being. My  life- as Jesse would say, We’re just livin’ the dream. Smile

What’s life like for you right now?


Anonymous said...

Seriously can she get any cuter??? she's beautiful! love this post!

Regan said...

I LOVE Emerson's bow in this pic! Did you make it? If so, want to make my Lexi Belle one? I'll pay you! Hugs!

Michelle Noman said...

on jeans recommendation, I would have to say "miss me" there the best. They fit so well, and for tall people like us there great. Looks good with heals. I got mine at buckle, I dont know if there is one there. Hope that helps.

Sarah said...

Love this!! I will have to do this too :)

Mateya said...

Ok if we have a girl I am going to have to convince my husband to name her Emerson or something with an E so I can buy all of your adorable clothes you have for Emerson from you! haha! Gah I just love it all!

Gina said...

omg I love her little outfit! So cute!

the workaholic momma said...

Sesame bagels with cream cheese are my fave too!!! E looks adorable in her christmas outfit!!!!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week:)

Megan said...

This is so cute!! I love her Christmas outfit! Too adorable!!

Mallorie said...

Soooo I think I'm stealing this right now ;-) It popped up under your most recent post. Love it. And E was SOOOO tiny!

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