She’s So Crafty…Or Not.

I mentioned before that I had big plans for all of the fun Christmas crafts that Emerson and I were going to complete. I guess my expectations were a little unrealistic because I didn’t get to half of them and the ones we did do didn’t turn out quite the way I expected. But we did have fun doing them and that’s all that matters! I know Christmas is over but I wanted to share a few of them…
Up first is the cute handprint ornament I’ve seen on Pinterest. Here is the original.
Pinned Image
Here is our version.
christmas crafts 057-1
I think I see a finger or two in all that smeared paint. Haha. Emerson wanted nothing to do with having her hand painted so this one didn’t work out too well. I still thought it would be fun to have so it’s hanging proudly on the tree.
Next we did the thumbprint reindeers. Luckily for me Jesse came home just as I was trying to get Emerson’s thumbprint. I couldn’t have done it without his help. We just did on regular printer paper and then I put it in an Ikea frame. I think it turned out so cute.
christmas crafts 045-1
I knew I wanted to do something cute with Emerson’s footprints so I settled on the this.
christmas crafts 038
We didn’t get the best footprints and my writing is a little crooked but I still love it. It’s probably one of my favorite things we did.
I tried to make cinnamon ornaments because I thought they sounded so easy. The originals look like this.
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My dough didn’t get very stiff so I had a hard time cutting shapes. Every time I did a gingerbread man his leg would fall off. The cinnamon was not as fine as what you would find in the States so the ornaments kind of look like mud pies. I ended up using most of them as air fresheners by putting them in simmering water but I was able to get this circle with an E in it. It’s about the only decent one in the whole batch. I think it looks pretty cute on the tree.
We also did salt dough ornaments. I was going to try and paint them but the natural look has really grown on me so I will probably leave them as is. I love that I was able to get her footprint and handprint.
My final (and just finished) project was a fabric Christmas book for Emerson. It comes on a large piece of fabric and you just cut it, stuff it, and sew it together. My Mom got it for us and embroidered her name and the year before sending it. I didn’t get it finished in time for Christmas but I did finish it today. I have to admit it wasn’t my best sewing but I still think it turned out really cute and she seems to like it.
christmas crafts 015-1
christmas crafts 020-2
Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of Emerson during all of this crafting. Most of the time she was just in her diaper because paint, babies, and clothes just don’t mix! I will admit that I learned that the hard way during our first round of handprint ornaments.
I think next year I’ll start my Christmas crafting right after Halloween. Maybe then I’ll have everything done by Christmas! Smile
Anna & Kirby said...

You are sooo good... what great ideas! I'll have to remember them ;)

Andrea said...

This post is too cute!! I am loving the salt dough ornaments, but everything is precious. I meant to do all this too, but never got around to it. Bad momma here! And I'm already starting my Christmas crafting for next year because all I want to do next year is drink hot chocolate and watch hallmark movies!

Michelle said...

I love it. That handprint ornament cracked me up! Being a mom has really taught me things don't always go as planned and I can't be such a perfectionist lol. Those cinnamon ornaments smell so good, my sisters kids made some for us last year. YUM! These are some good ideas, I'll have to do some with E!

Joeylee said...

I love all your ornaments, I think they turned out great! It will be fun to look back on them next year

-Lauren said...

You are so ambitious! Now I feel like a crafting slacker...you did a great job. I love that they are not perfect, but still perfect! Xo

Christa said...

Such CUTE ideas! I love her little mistletoes! :)

Regan said...

What kind of lens did you get? I got a new one, too for Christmas! I love mine! Your crafts are TOO cute!

Lauren said...

Those are some great ideas! I definitely slacked in the crafting area. I like the hand/footprint salt dough ornaments! Good work!

ajs {of MN} said...

i love the mistletoes! cute! i am trying the hand print bulb this weekend- to pack up for next year. instead of paint i am using embossing ink with glitter- i hope it works.

The Jeffcoats said...

Oh my goodness these are adorable!! Believe it or not, my favorite is the first one! :) Those are the ones that you will always remember and you'll end up cherishing those the most!! But, I do LOVE the miseltoes!! Great job momma!! :)

Amanda said...

these are so fun! what sweet memories! i want to try them all when my little one gets here. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw these on Pinterest but we never got a chance to do them. Great job!

All About the Monks said...

When I saw the "E's LiL Mistletoes" on pinterest I thought I have to do this for Emerson. I clicked on the link to see some more cute projects of yours and found out your LiL E is an Emerson, even cooler.. My daughter is Emerson Olivia too!

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