Ten on Tuesday

1. My poor baby girl finally seems to be getting a little bit better but her little nose is red and raw from being wiped. I feel so bad for her. She didn’t sleep well last night but seems so much better today. The bad news is that she has passed her nasty cold onto Jesse and me. I’m hoping we are all well by Christmas.

2. We had a fun weekend. We went to two going away parties and a Christmas party.  Emerson had so much fun watching all of the other kids play. She was also the hit of the party and was passed around for most of the night. Good thing she still likes strangers!


December 2011 216-1

3. We also went to the beach again and Jesse got to go wakeboarding and knee boarding. It’s been a while since he's done any water sports and I think he had a really great time.



4. We’ve decided to do an untraditional meal on Christmas. Jesse is going to smoke a brisket and I’m going to make some yummy sides. I’m thinking about this slow baked macaroni and cheese.

What else should I make?

5. Speaking of barbecuing I forgot to tell y’all about what happened on Thanksgiving. It was about 7pm when we heard a knock on our door. Jesse opened it to find our neighbor (who we’ve never met.) He asked Jesse if he could move his barbecue pit out into the middle of the compound next time he wants to smoke something because the smoke was coming in his house earlier and they thought something was on fire. Jesse was very nice to him and said he would, but I was pretty annoyed.  First of all, we still had our guests over and I’m pretty sure it could have waited until the following day. Second of all, if there is smoke coming in your house you should probably think about closing your windows.

6. The funniest part about it is that I hate confrontation and would never tell the neighbors how much that annoyed me but I did immediately tell Jesse, “I am so going to blog about this.”  A few days later, I saw this.

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It’s so true!

7. I had grand plans for all of the Christmas craft projects Emerson and I were going to do. We have done a few- some successful, some not so much. Crafting with a mobile 7 month old is not so easy. I’ll share them later this week.

8. Somebody hit our car yesterday while Jesse was at work. I hate that people are so dishonest. I would never hit a car and just leave. It looks like we might be able to just get it buffed out and there aren’t any dents but it’s still frustrating. I’m definitely not loving our new white stripes!


9. My hair is in desperate need of some TLC again but I haven’t had a chance to make it to the salon. I have tons of new hair growing in the front. It looks like I have lots of tiny little bangs and it is super dark so it’s not blending too well with my highlights. At least once a week I tell Jesse that I’m just going to bite the bullet and go dark again but I’ve yet to do it because I like it better blonde even though maintaining it is not easy. Maybe one of these days I will get my hair situation under control. Haha!

10. I’m about to make these yummy Oreo truffles for a Christmas lunch that I’m going to tomorrow. Hopefully Jesse and I won’t eat them all before then!

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Pam said...

What a great family picture! I have the dreaded baby bangs, too, and they stick straight up! I never knew they had an actual name until I started reading Beth Moore's daughter's blog that's titled after them. =)

Anonymous said...

So glad the princess is feeling better~! I love the family pic, it's adorable!

Mrs. Mama said...

love the family pic! and i agree... crafting with these little ones can be a tad bit difficult!

Katie said...

that mac and cheese looks amazing!

Melissa said...

That beach is gorgeous!

Gabriella said...

Sorry someone hit your car! People are so evil sometimes. I could never hit a car and not leave a note. Emerson's hair bows are all so cute! :)

Natalie said...

yeah i have like zero things accomplished on my christmas craft list. even making callyn's christmas dress never happened :( too much other stuff going on! So you are definitely not alone!
you guys are a cute little family all in red :)

Kelly said...

I have been meaning to ask you this for awhile- where do you find all of Emerson's hairbows? They are all so unique. I have a 10 week old and I'm desperately trying to find some cute ones for her!

Ali said...

she is such a doll baby! too cute! I feel you on the car scratch, same thing happened to us and it kills me someone just left after doing it- no note or anything!

mom said...

All of the pictures are so good. The family one is awesome. The beach looks beautiful. In two weeks we will be there. Love you

ajs {of MN} said...


Christa said...

Love your family picture! So cute! Glad your little girl is feeling better!

The Jeffcoats said...

Love the family picture my sweet friend! You all look wonderful and I miss you guys so much!! Love this post! So funny about the Thanksgiving thing and the e-card you found! lol Can't wait to see all of the sweet little crafts you've done with E!!

Mom of 12 said...

The beach at Christmas?! Crazy! In Utah it's all about snow.

Anna & Kirby said...

I love the family picture! And #5 cracks me up because that would be me too... so in turn I love #6 too! :)
Oh and I think I'm interested in this slow baked macaroni and cheese recipe! YUM

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