A Wonderful Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve day getting ready for our Christmas meal. We went to two different grocery stores to get everything we needed. Talk about waiting ‘til the last minute!

When we got home, Jesse started working his magic with the brisket.


Emerson did lots of playing.

CHRISTMAS 2011 049-1

At one point she fell asleep and I tried to lay her under the tree for pictures, but she woke up right away.

CHRISTMAS 2011 020

She was fascinated with the ornaments and the branches.

CHRISTMAS 2011 026

She did eventually take a nap and then we all started getting ready for our big night on the town. Ok- so we didn’t really have a big night on the town. But we were invited to go to a nearby hotel for a Christmas Eve dinner. The food was delicious, the d├ęcor was beautiful, and we had a wonderful evening!

CHRISTMAS 2011 089

CHRISTMAS 2011 078-1

CHRISTMAS 2011 079-1

CHRISTMAS 2011 093

CHRISTMAS 2011 092-1

While we were at dinner, “Santa” made a surprise visit. Luckily, Emerson wasn’t too traumatized.

CHRISTMAS 2011 103


After dinner, we came home and got a hundred few more pictures of E in her sweet little Christmas dress.

CHRISTMAS 2011 109-1

Then we let her open one present before bed.

CHRISTMAS 2011 130-1

She did a really good job of ripping the paper once we got it started for her. Of course, it went straight into her mouth.

CHRISTMAS 2011 134-1

CHRISTMAS 2011 132-1

CHRISTMAS 2011 145

CHRISTMAS 2011 137-1

She finally got all of the paper off and we helped her get the box open so she could see her fun new toys. She seemed pretty impressed with her loot.

CHRISTMAS 2011 151-1

We put our Christmas jammies on and tucked our sweet girl into bed.

It was a joyful and wonderful night- just as I pictured it would be and Jesse and I went to bed with our hearts full and smiles on our faces.

I am so thankful. I’m thankful for my amazing family and my beautiful little girl. I’m thankful for the life we live and the blessings we are given daily. I’m thankful to God for giving us His Son and I’m thankful to Jesus for dying on the cross for us. I’ve never been so thankful and I’ve never been so aware of His sacrifice. I guess being a parent will do that to you!

Check back tomorrow for our Christmas day recap.  Smile


Mateya said...

How fun! Love your red dress and E looks adorable as always!

Sarah said...

Love the pictures!!

The Jeffcoats said...

How sweet!! She seemed to really love opening her first gift! :) She looked absolutely adorable in her little Christmas dress and you looked beautiful as always! :)

Joeylee said...

great pictures. E's dress is adorable and you look awesome!

Regan said...

Such a little ham! Love your pictures! She is absolutely adorbs! Happy Holidays!

Christa said...

Sounds like y'all had a wonderful Christmas Eve. Love all the pictures...soo pretty! Merry Christmas!!

Mom said...

You all look so festive in your Christmas outfits. Glad you had a Merry Christmas. Can't wait to see you. Counting the days. We love you.

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