Fitness Friday Week 1 (A Day Late!)

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Since Emerson was born I have talked several times about my efforts to get back into working out and eating healthy. Despite the fact that I've talked about it, I haven't done much to actually follow through. I know y'all are probably sick of me talking about it but I'm really hope putting it out here yet again will help me stay accountable. I've never had such a hard time getting back into exercise and I feel yucky! I said in my 2012 goals that this was going to be my year of fitness and I'm determined for it to happen. I ideally would like to lose 5-6 pounds and get back into a regular exercise/running routine. So I was super excited when Cait at The Blessed Life announced that she was going to start a new linkup on Fridays called Fitness Friday. Cait laid out 19 weeks of goals to get back onto the road of fitness after having her sweet baby girl.  Since I am also trying to get fit in 2012, I decided it would be fun to join in. I have kept some of the same goals as Cait, but I have changed a few. I plan on posting my progress with each weekly goal as well as my workouts for the week each Friday.

Here are my goals for Week 1-19 (they do correlate with my 2012 goals but are not all inclusive so I am hoping that I will do other things (like run) along with them.)

Week 1- Complete Week 2 of the Hundred Pushups Program (My parents are here so I won't be doing a lot of working out and I won't be eating super healthy so I think this is a reasonable goal for this first week.) :)
Week 2- Track all calories in My Fitness Pal and walk/run at lead 3 times
Week 3- Drink only water and coffee (No Diet Coke!)
Week 4- Do 3 workout videos
Week 5- Complete 3 workouts from Pinterest
Week 6- Eat at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies every day
Week 7- No processed food (This will be super hard!)
Week 8- Do three sets of planks for 60 seconds each every day
Week 9- Complete the "No Junk Food" challenge for one week
Week 10- Only snack off the healthy list
Week 11- Complete 3 Workout Videos
Week 12- Complete 1 Yoga Workout and 1 Pilates Workout
Week 13- Log all calories in My Fitness Pal and walk/run at least three times
Week 14- Complete this workout from Pinterest
Week 15- Cook only "light or healthy" meals
Week 16- Do the Monday-Friday workout plan found here
Week 17- Go vegetarian for one week
Week 18- Run/walk 15 miles total
Week 19-  Complete 3 Workouts from bodyrock.tv

Check back next Friday to see how I did on my first week. I know for sure I won't lose any weight this week because we are eating like it's going out of style but hopefully I'll still meet my goal of completing Week 2 of the Hundred Pushups program. If you are interested in joining in, head over to The Blessed Life and share your goals for Week 1.

Beth Ann said...

Good luck to you! I don't think I'm going to link up...I just don't think setting specific goals is for me at this point. Hard to explain. My husband and I have been trying to cut out flour, wheat, and sugar as much as possible... this wipes out a lot of the processed foods. I definitely want to eat more "raw" foods and less processed. I don't think I can realistically cut out my diet dr. pepper! ;) I am going to start exercising at the beginning of next week. OY. I am so.out.of.shape. I'm hoping that I can make a lifestyle change that I will stick with... I know I will lose weight if I just eat healthier...I've done it before...hopefully I can do it again! ;)

Mallorie said...

YAY! I really do want to get into running again too, I'm thinking it'll be too cold here to do any outdoors with baby so hopefully when she gets a little older Hubby will be able to watch so I can venture out! Until then I think I'm going to start doing my weight lifting for arms and my old ab workout. I never thought about fitness videos or pinterest! Those are great ideas!!!

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Great goals & good luck to you! I am also on a similar plan trying to get healthy, it's hard but will be worth it :-)

KellyDiane said...

Great idea! Good luck!!

Life in Dawleywood said...

Good luck girl! You will do great! I think it would be a really good idea for me to participate in this, but I seriously doubt I would follow through, ha!

cait said...

So glad you are joining in!! And so glad you changed the goals to fit your own needs...that's what it's all about! Looking forward to following your journey...I can already tell you'll be an inspiration to me in the work-out portion of this goal-setting! For some reason, the healthy eating comes a lot easier to me than getting motivated to MOVE. Hopefully that will change over the next 19 weeks! :)

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