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It's time for another Fitness Friday! I can't believe it's already Friday- I feel like this week really flew by!

How Did I Do This Week?
My goal this week was to avoid Diet Coke and just drink water and coffee. I'm happy to say that I did it! I had one Diet Coke last Friday after a week of not having one and I haven't had another one since. I have been drinking tons of water and I'm starting to crave Coke less and less. :) I also continued drinking Green Monsters for the first days of the week but I haven't had one in the last few days. Emerson seems to be having a little allergic reaction to something and I want to make sure it's not milk so I've been avoiding milk the last few days. I'm thinking about trying to make the Green Monster with almond milk this coming week just in case. Someone asked last week whether I use it as a meal replacement. When I have them, I replace breakfast though I have to say that it is more filling than any other breakfast I eat. When I have one I'm usually not hungry until well past noon. If you haven't tried it yet you really should!

Workouts this Week:
I am pretty happy with my workouts this week!

Sunday- 3 mile run
Monday- My Home Bootcamp (posted below)
Wednesday- 2.7 mile run
Friday- 45 minute treadmill interval workout (3 miles)  Upper Body workout (20 minutes)

Total Miles This Week:  8.7
Total Miles in 2012: 20 (Only 345 to go!) :)

I am super excited that I was really able to increase my milage this week.  I think I'm going to continue with 3 miles for another week or two and then try to go up to 4. I'm also working on increasing my speed. My average pace is around 11:15 per mile and I know I can do better than that. I'm also hoping to get more strength training in over the next few weeks because I really think it's the key to changing your body.

After doing the home bootcamp workout from Pinterest that I posted last week, I thought it would be fun to create my own. Of course, I am no fitness expert so I don't even know how balanced this workout is but I do know that it was pretty tough and I was sore the next day. I love doing interval workouts because the time seems to go by so quickly. If you have any questions about any particular exercise please email me. I found links that show proper form for almost all of these exercises and I'll be happy to pass them on. All you need for this workout is a pair of dumbbells and a timer. It takes 40 minutes from start to finish.

Weight Loss?
I lost one pound this week. That brings me to a total loss of 3 pounds since starting the Fitness Friday challenge and 42 pounds since I had Emerson. I'm about 6 pounds lower than my pre-pregnancy weight though I still have about 4-5 pounds to go to get to my happy weight. I'm so excited that I finally broke past those two pounds that I've gained and lost so many times over the last month or two. I know 3 pounds isn't really a huge difference and I'm sure nobody can tell but I feel better than I have in months. I think I can attribute it to working out. :)

Goal for Upcoming Week: Do 3 workout videos.
I have plenty to choose from plus there are SO many online- I really have no excuse not to meet this goal!

How did you do on your fitness goals this week? Head over to The Blessed Life and linkup.

Stacey said...

Great job! I haven't had a child, but I'm sure it's very hard to take time for yourself. Glad you were able to find the time when it was right for you!

Anonymous said...

why in the world don't I have your motivation??? helpppppp! Congrats girl!

Natalie said...

Wow, great job!! I want to try your bootcamp...in a few weeks haha :) that looks SUPER tough, but i bet it definitely got you breaking a good sweat!
I used to have Green Monsters ALL the time for breakfast when I was working and we would use sweet almond milk (make sure it's vanilla and/or sweet to give it a creamier texture...or not if you don't like that!) or sometimes vanilla soy milk. SOOO good...way way better than with plain milk. It seriously makes a huge difference so I would totally recommend doing it!

KellyDiane said...

When do you usually work out? Do you do wait till she naps or sit her in a bouncy seat? Also, do you take her with you when you run? I'm still trying to figure out how to manage squeezing in a workout here and there with her with me- usually I wait until B can watch her but I need to start trying to do it with her- ill get in a lot more workouts that way. It's still too cold to take her with me when I run but hopefully warmer weather is around the corner!

Anonymous said...

A.W.E.S.O.M.E! You are doing great and your workout looks killer. I am going to have to give it a try :)
Good Job, Keep it up!!!

Sarah said...

Super job!!

Traci said...

Stupid Diet Coke, I wish the they would just ban that stuff, it's bad enough, it should be considered a drug. I've had 4-5 cans this week..eeeks. The more I drink the more I want, isn't that like a drug?

Andrea said...

You are my work out role model!! Keep it up girl, you're doing great!

Lindsay said...

Your are doing awesome!!!! Good job girlie!! ;)

Mateya said...

You're doing great! Keep it up!

Amber said...

you are doing awesome! I really need you to pass me some of your motivation please :)

Anonymous said...

Visiting from the theblessedlife and was wondering how you make your green monster? Thinking about trying it but there are so many varities out there!

Stacey said...

I live off of SkinnyTaste.com and she just did a post the other day regarding Green Monsters. Here's the link to her "skinny" version.


Mom said...

Keep up the good work. So proud of you. I need some motivation. Love you.

Beth Ann said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know I tagged you in an "11 Random Things" post...if you want to do it sometime. :)

cait said...

ahh, so excited to try your bootcamp!! Love it! :) I have an idea....how about a video blog of your bootcamp?! ;) I would love to follow along with you!

Just a thought...could it be a peanut allergy? I just am really cautious with the PB because Justin has an allergy, so I am staying away from it breastfeeding. That's the one thing that keeps me from trying the green monster. I'm wondering if I could use soy butter since that's what we use instead of PB. Wonder if it would taste the same?

Great job this week, girl! I'm so excited for you! Keep up the awesome work and you'll be at that "happy weight" in no time!

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