Top 10 Baby Essentials: 3-6 Months

A few months back I did a post about my top essentials for babies 0-3 months. You can find it here. Now that E is 8 months old I thought it was a great time to share with you what I found to be the most useful from 3-6 months.

1. Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor

I honestly don't think I could have gotten a good night's sleep without this thing! Emerson slept in our room  until she was 5 months old and the Pack N' Play just wasn't comfortable for her anymore. When we decided to move her to her crib I was so thankful for this little device. It gave me peace of mind- which can sometimes be hard to come by with an infant. It's incredibly easy to use and portable so you can use it anywhere. We did have a few false alarms when she would sleep on her belly because it would lose contact with her skin but they were rare. I consider this a MUST HAVE!

2.  Bright Starts Play Mat

We got this one from Bright Starts because it matched her Tummy Time mat, but I really think any of these would be great. Emerson loved this! She batted at the toys and stared at herself in the mirror. I would have to say that this one of our most used items.

3. Fisher Price Love U Zoo Jumperoo

 We still use this daily! We got it when E was 4 months old. At that time she couldn't even reach the floor but we put some pillows underneath it and she loved it. Now that she is bigger she bounces like a crazy girl and loves playing with all of the toys. I like it now that she is crawling because I can put her in it while I shower, clean, etc and know that she can't get into anything.

4. Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

 We started putting Emerson in her high chair when she was about 3.5 months old even though she wasn't eating. It was perfect for her to chill in while I made dinner or did the dishes. It reclines easily so she was able to sit in it even when she didn't have great head control. I love that it straps to a regular kitchen chair and doesn't take up tons of room. The cover comes off and is super easy to clean. I really can't stress enough how much I love this thing!

5. Sophie the Giraffe

I was skeptical about buying this teether because it really just looks (and sounds) like a glorified dog toy. But Emerson has loved it since the day it arrived in the mail.  We still take Sophie with us when we are out and about.

6. Bright Starts Sensory Giraffe

We have this hanging from Emerson's car seat handle. She plays with it the entire time she is in the car. It has a velcro tab that attaches it to the car seat so it's easy to get on and off. She loves the little mirror and rings that hang down. I don't feel quite so bad when she's in her carseat for a while because I know she's entertained.

7. Ergo Organic Baby Carrier

 Like I said in my previous post, I think a good baby carrier is a must! While Emerson is usually pretty content in her stroller, there are times that she just wants to be carried. We have the Ergo baby carrier and the Baby Bjorn (loaned to us by a friend). At this point we are still using the Baby Bjorn a little more frequently just because it's less bulky and allows Emerson to face forward. It just seems more suitable for smaller babies than the Ergo. However, now that she is getting heavier the Baby Bjorn really hurts my back after a short time so we are going to start using the Ergo full time. It is super comfortable and easy to use. I'm really glad we were able to have both but if I had to choose between them I would definitely choose the Ergo.

8. Sleepsack

We stopped swaddling Emerson right before she turned 5 months. Once we were done with the swaddle we knew we wanted a way to keep her warm and cozy without blankets. We started with a smaller fleece sleep sack from Carter's and now we use one from Ikea. It's very similar to the one in the picture.  Our house is very cold and Emerson is always nice and warm with her sleep sack on.

9. That's Not My....      Usborne Touchy Feely Books

E has tons of different books but these seem to be her absolute favorite. They have lots of different textures on each page and the text is short and easy to read. So far we have That's Not My Puppy, That's Not My Teddybear, That's Not my Mermaid, and That's Not my Reindeer.

10. Graco Pack N'Play in Posie

I didn't include this in my 0-3 month post but I would have to say that it is an essential from the very beginning. After we moved Emerson slept in it until we transitioned her to her crib.  We have kept it set up in our room and I put E in it when I take a shower. She loves to sit in it with books and toys. I do have to say that the Emerson did not care for the newborn napper and we probably only used it a total of 3 times. The attached changing station was very handy but she started getting too heavy for it at about 9 weeks (10 lbs.) and she would roll to the side during changings because it's only supported on one side. That being said I would still definitely recommend this Pack N' Play. It's super easy to take down and put up.  Ours was purchased from Babies R' Us and I know it wasn't anywhere near the price it is on Amazon.

Once again I want to point out that these are just my opinions about what has worked for us. Every baby (and Mommy) is different and I think you have to be willing to try things out and find out what works best for you.

While I'm posting about this, I thought I'd go ahead and share my input on bottles. Emerson still nurses, but she does occasionally get bottles when we are out and about. She had her first bottle when she was just a few days old and we did not experience any confusion or rejection. It was nice to be able bottle-feed her when we needed to.

We started off with the Playtex drop ins with the slow-flow. I loved them because they are so easy to clean. Trust me when I say that the less bottle cleaning you have to do, the better. I got this kit and it was perfect.

We still use the Playtex, but we have also purchased these Avent bottles with the slow flow. Even with slow flow, the milk came out much too fast for Emerson and she would choke on it. She started using them successfully around 4-5 months.

We still use them though we are transitioning to sippy cups since she isn't really attached to the bottle.

When reading posts like this I always find it helpful to hear what products people didn't find useful. I think this can be a touchy subject because, again, everyone has different experiences/opinions. So far we have been pretty successful with all of the products we received/purchased. However, there are two things that I thought were "must-haves" that we haven't really used all that much.

 First is the Bumbo. I really wanted one but the truth is we haven't really used it all that much. Emerson never really enjoyed sitting in it and would always slide to one side and lean over. I really don't think we got very much use out of it so I don't consider it a must-have.

The second is the Moby wrap.

Now I know there are many of you out there that swear by it but it just didn't really work for us. I was so excited when we got it and I really, really tried to love it but I never felt like I got it tied tight enough and Emerson never seemed comfortable in it. I'm chalking it up to user error! I hated trying to put it on when we were out and about because it's almost impossible to put it on without each side dragging on the floor. If I had to do it all over again I would go with the Baby K'Tan instead. It's basically just like a Moby but it doesn't require all that wrapping/tying.

I'm sure there will be many more "must-have" products along the way that just don't work for us and that's okay. It's all about trial and error! :)

I hope you guys have found this post helpful and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Life in Dawleywood said...

Great list! I always love reading these! I never got a snuza or anything like that, because I heard there were lots of false alarms, but I think I might get one with the next baby because peace of mind is priceless. We love the bumbo and moby wrap, but you just never know what each baby will like. Great list!

ajs {of MN} said...

avrie LOVES her bouncer as well- we use it everyday- she LOVES it! we used the pillow trick for a while too. i also really LOVE the sleep sacks- avrie sleeps in one every night and every morning nap. she also loves her sophie and i want to look into those books- avrie current favorite book is "the going to bed book" she reaches for it every night before bed! haha great post review. the only thing that WE find useful and use everyday is the bumbo seat- she sits in that to eat currently- but that is b/c i dont like her highchair- might have to look into the one you have! :)

Amanda said...

thanks for posting this! i am going to refer back to it. i am currently feeling soooooo overwhelmed with all the baby stuff to choose from. tim and i just went out to register and we felt like we had no idea! i have always thought the moby looked very difficult....but i still might give it a whirl if i end up with one.

Michelle said...

I love posts like this! And am relieved to see we already have most of this. I still don't know how I feel about carriers though - that's the main thing we don't have ...

Mallorie said...

I LOVE reading these, especially since it's perfect for Emma Claire right now! ;-) I agree with the moby...I used it the first time we took EC to DC and it was a lifesaver BUT I hated putting it on...my husband had to hold the sides because I was so paranoid about them touching the floor! ha! And Emma Claire still sleeps in her bassinet next to me...but she's starting to get too big for it :-( I still can't bring myself to move her to the crib, even though she loves it. Sigh, I guess it's all part of her growing up! What am I going to do when she needs a big girl bed!?

Natalie said...

We don't have the snuza but we have an angelcare monitor and WOW, it is SO much peace of mind. I don't think I would sleep without it-seriously. We had her in her crib from day one home and we did have a lot of false alarms in the beginning but I would much rather have those and get the sensitivity adjusted than SIDS. scary!
Callyn goes crazy for the jumperoo and I totally agree about the giraffe-she has it hanging from her car seat too :) We looked at getting that high chair and I kind of wish we had. we got one that is more like a booster seat but I don't feel like it'll be very comfortable for her when she starts solids soon. I guess I can take it back since it's still in the box!
We use the bumbo pretty frequently right now but I don't think it is a LONG term use for people. I feel like callyn is almost ready to outgrow it. I love seeing what people didn't like, too :)

Kelly said...

I love when you post these! Since Anniston is just a few months behind Emerson, it gives me time to plan ahead! Also, I placed my first order with the Princess and Me! Thanks for the recommendation. I hope A looks as cute in her big hairbows as E does in hers:)

Mateya said...

Thanks for the great ideas Tami! I started our registry this week, so it's good to have some more direction!

Beth Ann said...

Love this! It's great since Holden is now in the 3-6 month category. He has a "Luv U Zoo" gym and loves it. I've been thinking about getting something he can "stand" in since he loves to stand on our laps. We have a space saver high chair, too...I need to get it out! We haven't used it yet but I bet he would like it! We also have Sophie...hopefully he likes her, too. Right now, he's still not very good about holding onto stuff. We use the Avent bottles and we have the same Ergo carrier! The only issue I have with it is that I have a hard time getting that top buckle buckled in the back...let me know if you have any tips on that! Otherwise, I LOVE it. I am TOTALLY with you on the Moby. I could never get it to feel right either and I would end up hot, frustrated, and ready to throw it out the window when I was done. Hate that thing! Holden does like his Bumbo so far. Sorry to ramble...baby gear gets me all excited! ;)

Amber said...

what a great list! Sophie is still one of our favorites at almost 20 mths.

Blissfully Burton said...

this is a great list! i'm right behind you (H is also 4 months) so I'm nodding my head like we've got the right things purchased! good idea about trying out the high chair! we always try to eat at the dinner table (hubs and i) and we place H in her vibrating chair on the ground so she can have "dinner" with us. But this way, she can be up with us! :)

Michelle said...

Good list! I just heard about the Snuza and I think I will be getting it for my next baby! I LOVED the Bumbo Ellie has always been a busy body and it really kept her happy before she could sit up. I want a moby wrap, I actually bought one...took it out of the box...rolled it up and returned it lol. It was like 8 feet of fabric, I was overwhelmed, but I think I might actually try it next time.

I tagged you in a post today..check it out!

The Jeffcoats said...

Great recommendations girl! We have the same space saver high chair and I don't know what we'd do without it! It's so perfect! :) I love that movement monitor too. Anything that will give us mommies and daddies a little bit more of a peace of mind I'm all for it!!

Anonymous said...

i heard those sleep sacks do wonders!

Carissa said...

Great list, I actually use most of these things too! Love the high chair, giaraffe, playtex bottles and the Usborne books. I have a baby boy so we have the That's Not My Monster, tractor, and Monkey books!! I Loved the Moby but now my son weighs 24 lbs at 8 months old and your right, your back really does get to hurting! I have never tried the ergo but have heard good things! Thanks for sharing! Also I have to tell you I love reading and seeing all of E's pics, they remind me so much of when my little girl (3 1/2) was a baby and I put the big bows on her! She's just precious!


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