Tuesday Musings

I wrote a similar post yesterday, but when I published it, it was blank. It didn't save a draft either. I had been working on it on and off all day so when I saw that it was blank I was far too lazy to write it out again. Today is take two and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

When I posted my goals on Sunday I later realized that the heading said 2011. I guess it will take me a while to get used to typing 2012. :) Luckily it was an easy fix!

{Just a swingin'}
We bought Emerson a baby/toddler swing over the weekend. She was a bit skeptical of it at first.

IMG_1151 - Version 2.JPG

But she grown to love it and it's now part of our morning routine.



Doesn't she look like such a big girl in these pictures?


Jesse and the Marines went go-karting this weekend. Emerson and I just watched, but I definitely want to try it out next time because it looked so fun. Jesse was excited because he got first place in his race group. I have a feeling we will be returning to the go-kart track quite often.




{Bye Bye Blonde}

On Saturday I finally got fed up with my yucky roots and dyed my hair. It's pretty close to my natural color with more of a reddish tint. While I'd love to say blonde, it's pretty much impossible for me to go to the salon with Emerson and we usually don't have time on the weekends. Not to mention that it is $200.00 each time I go (everything is SO expensive here!) I thought it would just be easier and better on the budget to be a brunette for a while. I'm still trying to decide if I like it but I do know for sure that it is better than the skunk hair I was sporting before. :)



{Bloggy Friends}
I had my first-ever blogger friend meet-up last week with the sweet Brittney from Far More than Rubies. Isn't it crazy how blogging can connect you with people all the way across the world! I followed Brittney's blog while we still lived in Africa and then when I found out we were moving here I immediately emailed her because I knew she was in the same region. She kindly answered many of my questions and helped me know what to expect when we got here. We haven't been able to meet up before because they live about 2 hours away but when she, Ian, and Grace made their way to our city last week we were finally able to meet. I was a little nervous because I've never met anyone from the internet before, but I shouldn't have been. We had a wonderful time and Brittney and Ian were so much fun. Grace was just as adorable in person as she is in pictures and it was so cute to see her and Emerson together.



My Grandmother has been in the hospital with pneumonia, high blood pressure, and gout. It's been decided that it will be best for her and my Grandad to move to a nursing home when she gets out- which is supposed to be today. It's going to be a very emotional transition for them, my Mom, and the rest of the family. To top it off, my parents are supposed to be leaving tomorrow to come see us. I am praying that Grandmother gets well, that the transition goes smoothly, and that God provides comfort to all during this hard time. I'm also praying that my parents get to make the trip and that things at home go okay while they are gone. We have all been waiting five long months for this and I know we'll be heartbroken if it doesn't work out. If you could spare a prayer or two, it would surely be appreciated.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning to the New Year.

Kit said...

Emerson does look like such a big girl swinging, and I LOVE your new brown hair!!! So pretty!

The Shamblins said...

Love the new hair. The swing looks so cute and yes, Emerson does look so big. When did our babies start to look so big!!??

Anonymous said...

emerson is sooo adorable! i love your hair, it's soo cute! hope you all had a wonderful new year!

KellyDiane said...

Love the hair! I am praying that your grandmother gets well and your parents have a safe trip to see you!

Life in Dawleywood said...

yay for baby swings! Gracie was a little unsure of hers at first too. I am loving you as a brunette, and I'll say a prayer for your grandparents, I can't imagine how hard it must be to leave their house. ~Andrea

Kelly said...

Love the dark hair! I know it's hard for blondes to go dark, but I think you look great!

Love the swing! Maggie got one for Christmas too and she giggles so much when she swings. So cute.

Prayers for your grandmother and I hope the transition goes okay. It was hard at first for my grandparents too, but they ended up loving it there with friends so close by. Hope your parents get to make the trip too!!! I imagine you are dying to see them.

Rachel and John said...

I love Brittney! How fun that you got to meet her! Is she moving closer to you or farther away?

That swing looks like so much fun!

Love your hair! My hair has naturally gone back to brown too but I think about getting it highlighted allll the time. Why must the upkeep be so expensive?

Callie Nicole said...

How fun that you got to meet Brittney! And I like your hair that color. :-)

The Jeffcoats said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE your hair!!!! I have never in 10 years seen your hair this color and it looks beautiful!! Love, love, love it my sweet friend!! I've been praying for your grandmother and your mom and her family. I've seen her posts on facebook. Praying for a safe trip for them (I'm so excited for you to get to spend time with them and them to see you guys!!). Call me after they leave!

Rebekah said...

Emerson just loves her swing! I love your hair! Not that you didn't look beautiful before, but I love you as a brunette! Goodness, getting your hair done is expensive there! Praying that you parents do get to come visit.

Mateya said...

Emerson clearly loves her swing! So cute!

Love your new hair color!

How fun to meet a fellow blogger! Especially in a different part of the world! How crazy!

Traci said...

I always like it when blondes go to brunettes. I think the drastic change is color looks so fresh. Although, you can't go wrong with blonde either. I do like the dark color on you though!

ajs {of MN} said...

love that swing- LOVE that dark color! and what a fun time to meet up with a fav blogger! have a great time with your family and LOTS of good thought and prayer sent out to you and your family :)

Gabriella said...

Love your hair!!! Emerson looks like she is having a blast in that swing! :)

Megan said...

I love you with dark hair!! I SO need to get my highlights done, but I'm like you, I don't want to pay! It's $100 for me!

Lauren said...

Awww, she looks like such a big girl. I can't wait to get A in a swing when it's warmer out. It's on my spring/summer to-do!

Sending prayers your way about your Grandmother. I hope you have a great time with your family!

Natalie said...

I know getting your hair highlighted/colored is so expensive...probably why I don't go very much which is not good for the roots situation. I have yet to put my little boy in a swing...I bet he would love it. Happy New Year!

Anna & Kirby said...

I love the natural hair color! I started to grow my highlights out about 2 years ago and they are finally gone. I couldn't deal with the coat either.

Blogger meet-ups are so much fun! I did my first one last summer and I was nervout too. It's so neat to "know" someone so well without ever meeting them! I love the blog world!

I hope your grandmother is okay. I'm praying for her and your family!

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