That Time I Fell Off The Wagon (AKA Fitness Friday)

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How did I do this week?
French fries, chocolate, and chips, OH MY! I'm sure you can tell by my title that this week didn't go so well. My goal was to cut out all processed food. Unfortunately I think I did the exact opposite and ate way too much junk! I said I would list everything I ate that was processed and I think it would honestly be easier for me to list the foods that weren't processed. That's pretty sad, isn't it? I also did horribly at logging my food this week and skipped the last 3 days!  I guess we all have weeks that are better than others so my plan is to move on and start fresh tomorrow. I learned over the last few days that I feel SO much better when I am eating well and that junk food does not give me the energy I need but I did have fun eating some pretty yummy food too so that definitely counts for something! I know for sure that it's okay to have junk but only in moderation.

Workouts: I completed the same workout 3 times this week:

Sunday- 3 mile run, Lean Arms Pyramid, Perfect 10 Legs
Tuesday-3 mile run, Lean Arms Pyramid, Perfect 10 Legs
Friday- 3 mile run, Lean Arms Pyramid, Perfect 10 Legs

I did only get 3 workouts in but I'm happy that I ran a little more this week and I loved the workouts I got from Pinterest. I was pretty sore after I did them the first day. I'm telling you- those wall sits are killer! Hopefully next week I'll be able to run even more and complete 4 workouts instead of just 3.

Weight Loss: None. Somehow I stayed the same and I am very thankful for that! Like I said before, I am really, really trying not to focus too much on weight. I think it's so much better for me to pay attention to  how my clothes are fitting and how I feel, rather than a number! It's easy to get discouraged when my weight fluctuates throughout the week and I've noticed that it can really change my mood when it is something that is not even that important in the grand scheme of things. Can anyone else relate to this?

Goal for Next Week: Do 3 sets of planks for 60 seconds each every day. I seriously despise planks and I'm terrible at them so this will be a challenging goal. I'm also aiming to log my food/calories every day on My Fitness Pal. I originally said I would probably skip one day a week but over the last few weeks it went from 1 day to 3. I think I need to be strict again this week to get back on track and then I'll add some cheat days back in. :)

How did you do with your fitness goals this week? Link up with Cait here.

J and A said...

Planks are so hard, I have been trying to hold them for a whole song, and sing through the pain...:) ha I'll have to try some pinterest workouts. :) Thanks.

Amanda said...

don't beat yourself up! like you said....moderation! i always tell myself, i can do better the next meal even...i don't have to wait until tomorrow. your workouts are awesome!!! i can't wait to start doing that again soon. :)

Christine said...

Hey! Ya know you have your head in the right place if you are just going to dust yourself back off and start fresh! Thats my plan! After not doing very good workouts the past few weeks I weighed myself and almost cried! So Im starting to use my fitness pal again! Whats your my username is ckohler502 if you want to help motivate eachother!

Megan said...

You are a running machine!!!! Im jealous! Keep it up!

Natalie said...

ONLY three workouts?! Girl, you ran 9 miles this week!! That is GREAT! I think we all have those weeks that are just tough and junk food seems more appealing unfortunately. I totally agree about the weight/scale thing. It's so hard not to get discouraged and weight fluctuates so much. Unfortunately I let that be an excuse and have tried to stay away from weight for so long and am not seeing results because of it. Once I get to a better weight I will totally do that and probably not even keep a scale around anymore!

The Shamblins said...

You're doing so good. I wish I had/made more time for the workouts. Oh well. I recently started using the My fitness pal and think it's pretty awesome. I am going to cancel my WW because of it.

Also loved the comment about the arranged marriage. I think by the time our babies are old enough to marry, arranged marriages won't be such a bad idea! Ha!

Also love Emerson picture on in the blue with the peacock feathers. She looks beautiful!

Mom said...

I have eaten so much this week. Nothing healthy. What is worse is I had to buy a bathing suit. I am taking the girls swimming. Hope you have a good week. Love you

The Jeffcoats said...

Girl, I am right there with you about the whole weight fluctuating thing making my mood change! I literally feel depressed when I step on the scales. But you're doing a wonderful job and you can allow yourself some "cheat days"! Keep up your hard work! Your work outs are amazing and you should be so proud of yourself!!

Natalie said...

Oh yes those planks ugh! It's ok we're not eating processed food either but man sometimes I just crave it and have to cheat! I'm sure you'll do great next week. Good job with the running!

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