Fitness Friday Week 10 (On Sunday)

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I know it's kind of silly that my Fitness Fridays are almost always posted on Saturday or Sunday but Friday is like our Saturday so we are usually busy and I don't get around to it. :)

How did I do this week?
The goal I had listed for this week was to only snack off the healthy list found here. I didn't follow this exactly but I do try to do this a majority of the time. As I mentioned earlier this week, I've decided to take a break from counting calories for a while. I'm still trying to eat healthy but I'm focusing more on working out.

Workouts This Week:
So I've been talking about borrowing the Brazil Butt Lift but I hadn't actually tried it until this week. I decided to give it a go starting last Sunday. The schedule I have requires 6 workouts a week but I only did 5 this week and that is probably the max I will do each week. I've only done 3 workouts for the last several weeks so I was pretty happy with 5 this week! :)

Sunday- BBL Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck
Monday- BBL High and Tight, World's Fastest Workout (x2), 12 minutes of running stairs
Tuesday- BBL Sculpt
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday-  Chalean Extreme Burn It Off, High and Tight
Friday- BBL Bum Bum, World's Fastest Workout (x2)

Overall I really like the workouts and they got my heart rate up enough to burn quite a few calories. I do have to admit that I tried the cardio workout (Cardio Axe) and I just couldn't get into it.  Although I love step aerobics I don't like dance type workouts and that's exactly what that one is. So I substituted my own cardio workouts on the days that the schedule called for Cardio Axe.  I've really been loving interval workouts lately so that is what I did for cardio this week. I tried The World's Fastest Workout found here. It's 4 minutes of intervals and it is pretty tough. According to my heart rate monitor I burned 48 calories in those 4 minutes. I think that's pretty good! I also did some stair running for cardio and I added in some pushups and dips because the Brazil Butt Lift is very light on upper body work. I'm going to try to follow the BBL schedule pretty closely for the next few weeks and I'll definitely keep you updated on what I think. I've decided that even if I don't follow the whole 4 week plan, I can at least incorporate some of the workouts into my regular routine. I do know for sure that my butt is never going to look like any of the girls' in the videos no matter how many times I do the program. :)

Weight Loss This Week:
I technically have one more pound to get to the goal that I set when I started Fitness Friday but I decided to go ahead into maintenance mode. Like I said before, I'm really trying not to focus on the number on the scale. Luckily the batteries in our scale died yesterday so that should help with this. I just have to stay strong and not replace them. :) Although I am at a healthy weight for me, I definitely need to tone up and work on my endurance and I'm hoping continuing to work out will help with that.

Goal for Next Week: The goal I originally chose was to complete 3 workout videos.  Since I'm doing the BBL I'm going to also add a goal of working out at least 5 times.
Natalie said...

5 workouts is great!!! I have been having a hard time lately getting motivated to work out besides walking!

Megan said...

Sound like the workouts are fun!!! And I didn't even get around to my Friday Fitness blog.

Danielle and Trev said...

Awesome! I need to change up my workouts. Loving this idea. The butt lift thing sounds like something my booty would thank me for (or hate me for). Loving your blog!!

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