My Confessions

I confess:

I am not a fan of the monogrammed bikini craze. Don't get me wrong- I love all things monogrammed, but I think it's a little much on the bikini top- at least for adults anyway.

While I'm on the subject of fashion (of which I am NO expert) I really don't like a lot of the trends that are happening right now. You will never see me in neon colored clothes or cropped t-shirts. Reminds me way too much of my 80's childhood.

I need some new clothes SO bad but I can't find anything I like here and it is so hard to shop online.  I will definitely be shopping when we go home this summer.

I didn't finish Project 365 with Emerson. I made it to about 34 weeks with a picture every day and then I missed a few days here and there. I might just go ahead and make weekly collages with the pictures I have even if some of them are from the same day. I do have about 12,000 pictures of her so surely I can figure something out.

I've been terrible about drinking water lately. My goal this week is at least two huge bottles every day.

I still haven't decided on a theme for E's first birthday. I'm stuck between You are My Sunshine and Emerson in Onederland. I really, really need to make a decision so that we can get started on the party planning.

I'm bad at making decisions. Obviously.

We had Indian food last night and I ate like it was my last meal. But it was worth it because it was OH SO GOOD!

Emerson is napping and I'm supposed to be working out right now but I'm drinking coffee and blogging instead.

Reading my pregnancy posts from last year and seeing all my pregnant friends makes me miss being pregnant! I loved it so much and I can't wait to do it again. But don't worry guys- No plans for Baby #2 in the near future!

What are your confessions this week? Link up at E, Myself, and I to share!

ajs {of MN} said...

i also can't wait to be pregnant again, no reals plans but still- i miss TINY baby and a BABY belly ;)

i am still doing good on my 365 project for av (week 37) BUT i am SO mad STILL about picnik, i hate change! and again SO happy you shared the link for picmonkey!

i dont ever think that i can pull of any current trend, um... EVER.

i blog while avrie naps too.. it's 2am here and i was doing work and now that i am done with work for the night- i just want to blog, so not tired yet! ahhhh

Andrea said...

I hate the clothing trends out right now, they are just awful! I like more classic things though, so maybe I'm just boring. I want to get G a monogrammed bathing suit, but I would never wear one for myself, that's just a little odd!

Amanda said...

what in the world is the monogramed bikini trend? lol! i would google it....but i'm afraid!

Natalie said...

haha, I have not seen the monogrammed bikinis but i think I have to agree!
I also can't stand the neon colored skinny pants and such. At least I personally could never pull that off and it def. reminds me of the 80s too.

Melissa said...

I dislike the monogrammed bikini tops also! It's a little over the top!

Joeylee said...

I'm not loving the cropped shirts either! Good luck on deciding a theme for Emerson's birthday!

Rebekah said...

I'm horrible at making decisions! I love bright colors, but I have to draw the line at neon colors. Definitely not for me.

J and A said...

i hear ya on the mono bikinis and cropped tops. Totally! I do love a little neon though!! I'm bad with water intake too, I have been putting a tea bag in it for a little favor. :) helps a bit.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I hadnt seen the monogrammed bikinis, that seems weird to me! I also am not loving the neon. I just saw someone to a wedding inpiration board with the bride wearing pops of neon green and yellow..girl, you will regret that one! And as Bennett keeps getting bigger, I miss being pregnant too. I don't want another baby yet, but I kinda want another baby!

Mateya said...

I agree...the neon colors and crop shirts aren't really my style either!

How exciting you guys get to come back home this summer! How long will you get to stay??

Natalie said...

Yes I agree too much 80's themed clothes coming back ugh! And monogrammed bikinis say what?

Ashley said...

I agree -- I love me some monograms, but I think parading around with it written on your chest when you're half naked is just a little too much. So crazy!

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