Thursday 5

I'm linking up with Nicole today for her Thursday 5.

The words for this week are:


Emerson's sudden interest in baby signs is outstanding. She's been watching us do them pretty intently for a while now but she is finally starting to do them back and it is so darn sweet! She did the sign for more yesterday and I was so excited! It is so much fun to see her actually doing the signs with her chubby little hands. Here is a quick video of her doing it last night during dinner. Please excuse my silly expression. I get pretty excited over these things... 

I'm really proud of the amazing compliment I got yesterday! The photographer that did Emerson's 6 month pictures emailed me and told me that she had seen some of the recent pictures I had taken of Emerson and that she felt like I really had an eye for photography. She also said that I do a great job of capturing E's personality in my photos.  I emailed her back and told her that was probably one of the best compliments I have ever received. I was literally giddy after I read it! It makes me even more motivated to keep learning everything I can about photography and editing. (On that note I am almost finished editing Emerson's 9 month photos and will be posting them in the next week. They're obviously not professional but she does look pretty darn cute in all of them!) :)

Working out has left me so energized lately. There are some days that I just don't want to do it but once I get started I'm so glad I did! I did another Turbo Fire workout yesterday and I loved it! It's so motivating to have something new to do and I'm really looking forward to trying the rest of the workouts. Is anyone else out there doing Turbo Fire? 

We have a splendid weekend planned. We are having a block party tomorrow and I'm so excited! We have the best neighbors and it's always fun to hang out with them. I also love watching Emerson play with the big kids. She just loves them to pieces and they keep her well entertained. We are also taking Emerson to her very first birthday party. One of her little friends is turning one. It will be good practice for E's big day which is now less than 2 months away!!

It's been a wonderful week. We have stayed pretty busy with several play dates, lots of outside time, and a trip to the mall. Emerson has been a sweetheart despite missing several naps and I have enjoyed spending time with great friends. Unfortunately this poor little blog has been quite neglected due to that and my early bedtime. I'm hoping I'll do better next week!

Natalie said...

Sounds like you are lovin' life girl! And congrats on your photo compliments...you totally deserve it :)

Mom said...

She is so cute signing. I hope she has fun at her first birthday party. Have a good weekend. I am so glad you are sharing all of your pictures of E. Love you

Nicole said...

So many great things! And you really do take fantastic pictures!

Sarah said...

love the video...so cute!

ajs {of MN} said...

awe her signing is ADORABLE! i hope that we can get avrie to do a couple of different signs, so cute!

my hubby and i bot took ASL in college- i tested fluent and LOVE the language, its so rewarding!

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