Friday's Letters


Dear Car,
Darn you for breaking down and costing an arm and a leg to get fixed. There goes Emerson's first semester of college! But thank you for waiting until I was in the parking lot to do it. I would have died if you had died in this crazy traffic.

Dear USA,
In case you didn't know- you are the best country in.the.world. I can't wait to step foot on your soil again! I might even go to Target and just sit in an aisle all day for a while.  I will also be consuming an unhealthy amount of Mexican food.

Dear Emerson,
I hear you up there yelling in your crib. It's nap time girlfriend! I promise you we will play all afternoon, but first you have to take a nap.

Dear Exercise,
Why must we have such a love-hate relationship? I know that you and I must meet again today but I will be honest and tell you that I am definitely avoiding you right at this moment. If only blogging and drinking coffee could get me in shape.

Dear Bloggity Blog,
You are almost two years old! Crazy, no? Thank you for giving me a place to share my life and document our memories. Most of all, thank you for allowing me to "meet" so many awesome people.

Dear Saltykins,
Have I told you lately how much I love you and appreciate you? Or that I am SO proud of you? You're the best and Emerson and I are so lucky to have you.

Frankie said...

If I didn't live in the USA, I would definitely miss target as well. :) Emerson is so beautiful!

Kristine Foley @ TheFoleyFam said...

You have a beautiful family!! Love your daughter's name! Glad you made it to the parking lots before you broke down :)

Found you thru Ashley's link up!

Looking forward to following your adventures!

Kristine from TheFoleyFam - Unedited

Amanda said...

Love this post!! I adore listening to my baby girl talk and sing while she is supposed to be sleeping during nap time :)

Have a good weekend, mama!

xo, Amanda


★ JASMINE ★ {BarbieBombshell} said...

hey girlie! i saw you over on Fridays Letters and wanted to say i LOVE your blog!
and i love your letters too!

newest stalker! errr.. i mean follower ;)!!

say hi back sometime?

Mateya said...

Sorry to hear about your car!

I had to laugh at the Target comment. I would do the SAME thing! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I ran across your blog from Friday Letters! Can I just say that your family is absolutely beautiful ! Emerson is a doll ! Sorry, to hear that your car broke down :/ !

Happy friday !

Michelle (michabella) said...

She is the cutest!!

MzJessicaxo said...

Gorgeous! I love this post, its cute and witty!
Found ya through the blog hop!

xxx Jessica

J and A said...

Oh Target... :) Emerson is so sweet. :) I hear ya with workouts..love hate most days.:) Happy weekend.

Melissa said...

I love this 'Friday Letters'...great idea! I hear you on the car...mine did the same thing!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your blog! Where are you living now? i moved to Germany one month ago, and the two things I miss most are mexican food and Target!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! You have the prettiest little one :)


Ashley Slater said...

Emerson is so cute--- and I loved your letter to her! haha! I love her name! So sorry your car died but you are right at least it did it in an ideal place! yikes! thanks for linking up with me!


Jamie said...

She is precious.

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