A Beach-y Weekend

Little Moments Like This

Our first "staycation" was a definite success! Since I don't want to forget any of the details, here is a play by play:

Jesse went to play night golf after we got E bathed and in bed. I had big plans to get a few things done but instead I was completely lazy and just laid around reading. It was nice to relax!

Emerson was up bright and early, as usual! We had coffee and breakfast, played and read books, and made a mess. Once she was down for her first nap, I packed our bags. It was really sad how much I packed for one night. I'm definitely an over packer but I guess you can never be too prepared! Once E was up, we started on our way. We kicked our staycation off with a stop at Starbucks. It was the perfect way to get us pumped up for our day.

After we got checked in, we spent some time on our balcony laughing, playing, and checking out the gorgeous scenery.

Then it was beach time! 
It was SO hot and poor E seemed a bit sluggish! I haven't seen her that still since before she could crawl.
We decided to head to the beachside cafe to get a snack and cool off.

After we were all cooled off we headed to the pool. We claimed one of the cabanas and Jesse and Emerson hopped right in. We were really surprised to see that it was shallow enough for Emerson to walk around and that the water was really warm.
 A few minutes later one of the lifeguards came over to tell us that they needed to get out because it wasn't a pool- just a water feature for photos. Say what? Leave it to us look like total dorks.
Throughout the day we saw a bunch of other people get in it too so that made us feel a little bit better. Sure looks like a pool to me. Haha! :)

After we spent some time in the real pool, we headed back to our room to get ready for dinner. On our way we found Emerson's favorite feature of the hotel. This huge grassy area:
It doesn't seem like a patch of grass is that exciting but it sure was for her. In our compound we have only have a tiny little spot of grass so Emerson is used to walking on concrete and paving stones. It was nice to be able to let her run around and not worry about her falling down and hurting herself!
Once Emerson was fed and bathed, she was ready for bed. All of that fun in the sun made her one tired little girl. Luckily for us, one of our dear friends offered to come sit with (a sleeping) Emerson in the room while we went out to dinner. 
It was so nice to have nice dinner with just the two of us. We were able to relax and talk and really enjoy each other's company. Of course, much of our conversation revolved around a certain little munchkin. What can I say? We're smitten! :)

Since we're old, we were back in our room and in bed by 10:30! We were so excited to sleep in the beautiful and comfy bed, but unfortunately there wasn't a lot of sleeping that night. Emerson woke up at least 5 times! I don't know if she wasn't feeling well or if it's because we were in a new place. Whatever it was it meant a very restless night for all of us!

Even without a good night's rest, she was up and at 'em at 6:30 sharp! Even though we were tired, it was actually a good thing because we were able to get out to the beach before it got miserably hot. We ate a huge breakfast and then spent a few hours enjoying the white sandy beach and crystal blue water.

When we were all beached out we headed back to the room to let E rest while we took turns going to the gym. I work out at home 99 percent of the time so it was a real treat to get to use a nice gym! I guess all of the excitement was just too much for Emerson because she didn't nap at all the whole day. But she did play with her toys in the room in between getting into everything she possibly could!

By the time we were both done working out it was time to pack our bags and head out. I was amazed at how much stuff we had managed to spread all over the room in such a short period of time. I guess that's par for the course with a one year old.

Within minutes of getting in the car to head home, Emerson was passed out and she didn't make a peep the entire way home. I guess the lack of naps finally caught up with her.

This weekend was one of the best we've had yet. I only had one regret about the whole thing and that was that it had to come to an end.

How was your weekend?

Brittney Galloway said...

haha, I about died laughing when I read that Jesse and Emerson were asked to get out of the water feature. It sure looks like a pool!!! The hotel is beautiful! We've given up having Grace sleep in our hotel room- we put her in her pack n play in the hotel bathroom, leave the fan on, and she sleeps!

Lyndsey said...

It sounds like a lot of fun, minus the lack of sleep! I don't know what it is about hotels, but it's just so fun to get away even if only for one night! Maybe it's the lack of cooking and cleaning that comes with it?? Either way, I'm glad y'all had a great time! And E looks adorable in her little ruffled bottom suit!

Mrs. Mama said...

looks amazing! im so jealous!

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend. I love the pictures of Jesse tossing Emerson in the air! And 10:30 sounds like a late night to me, ha! Glad you had a good weekend! Happy belated Mother's Day!

Natalie said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend...and the place is amazing! Just a water feature huh? I would have not known that either! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Lyndsey said...

Also - where did you find swim shoes in her size? I need some for Liam, but the smallest I've seen is like a 5/6!

Allison said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend! It looks like so much fun! By the way - that "water feature" looks fun to splash in. Please tell me that they actually had a real pool to play in!

Jami said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend!!

Joeylee said...

looks like you had an awesome weekend. I'm jealous too, I wish we lived that close to the beach!

Mateya said...

Are you kidding me? That totally looks like a pool! Why would they have something like that just for pictures?! haha! I would have done the same thing :)

Looks like a fabulous weekend!

Natalie said...

I can't believe that's not a pool!!! SO weird!
Sounds like a perfect weekend away with your loves!

Megan said...

Your weekend looked so much fun!!! I wish I was at the beach!!!!

J and A said...

Oh my gosh it looks amazing. I laughed out loud at that not being a pool - how is it not!!! ha The beach looked amazing. I need one. :) And you lady are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! E is so precious. I love staycations and I am thinking one I need one soon :) Thanks for sharing !!

Kelli Kegley said...

What a wonderful trip! So glad y'all had a good time! I might have laughed out loud about y'all wading in the "fake" pool. Seriously would have done the same thing! Who has a water feature pool?!?! the pictures of Emerson in the sand with her adorable baby thighs are precious. Love it!

the workaholic momma said...

WOW...what a beautiful beach and your pics are amazing as always!!! I'm glad you guys had such a nice and relaxing weekend and I totally think that water feature looks like a pool!!!

Pam said...

I might have had a giggle at your guys' expense. Too funny about the "pool"!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Looks like fun and that is too funny about the pool!

And I appreciate your post about nursing. You go for continuing through the infections. I had one with Bennett and my supply just never recovered. We had to switch him completely over at 6 months. But even now, thinking about taking him off the bottle makes me sad, I love taht last bottle of the night when we just cuddle and talk. Why do they get big so fast?!

Gabriella said...

Your weekend looked amazing! Love E in her little swim suit! SO CUTE!!!

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