A Day in the Life

I have been wanting to do a post like this forever but never took the time to write everything down. I decided it is finally time. As you will see, it's TMI very detailed and probably pretty boring for most of y'all but I know I will love looking back on it someday!

3:30 AM
Emerson wakes up. I let her cry for a few minutes to see if she will go back to sleep on her own. She doesn't -so I go and feed her and put her back to bed. (This has been going on for the last 6 weeks or so. It was 1:00 every night, then 3:30, and has started moving closer to 5:00 AM)

6:30 AM
I hear Emerson crying in her crib. Jesse offers to go get her. He brings her back to our room. She nurses and then we lay in bed and play. She loves to crawl all over the bed and stand up by the headboard. Today she keeps crawling over to Jesse and laying her head on him and giving him kisses. When I ask her to give me a kiss she comes over and bites my nose. I can tell it hurts her feelings when I tell her no because her bottom lip begins to quiver a little bit.

Jesse brings E downstairs. He changes her diaper and takes off her pajamas. They are a pair without the grippers on the bottom and they are super dangerous on our tile floor. Emerson immediately walks over to her toys and books and starts taking stuff off the shelf. When the coffee is ready we put E in her pack n' play for some independent play time and we both drink a cup of coffee. I check my email, blogs, etc. 

First cup of coffee down. Time for some play! Emerson brings If You Give a Pig a Pancake to Jesse and he reads it to her. He has some nature show on TV that is showing birds and Emerson keeps going back and forth between the book and the birds.
It's breakfast time! I put E in her highchair while I make her breakfast. Today it's whole wheat toast and yogurt and strawberries. She loves it! While she eats her breakfast, I make Green Monsters for us. Jesse heads upstairs to get ready for work while E and I finish breakfast.
More playtime. Emerson stands at the back patio door watching the birds. She notices her walker and pushes it around the room a hundred miles an hour before trying to climb it. That lasts about 5 seconds before she moves onto something else.

I take Emerson upstairs and get her dressed for the day. She plays in her room for a few minutes before noticing something that she wants on her shelf. As she is walking over to it, she trips and hits her forehead right on one of the shelves. I honestly think she is going to have a bruised forehead until she's 3. She only cries for a few seconds but I know she won't want to lay down for her nap just yet so we sit down and read a few books.

I put her in her crib with her baby. She cries a little bit so I give her a book to look at and she sits down.  I get ready for the day. Of course this is one of those days where I hate everything I put on. I finally settle on a black tank top and khaki capris. We do tons of moving in Kindermusik so I have to be comfy. :) I normally wouldn't wear a tank top out in town because it can be seen as disrespectful but since we are going straight to music and it is only expats I feel like it will be okay.  (This is a horrible picture but it's the best I could get of the two of us!)
After throwing my hair up in a messy bun and putting on a  little bit of makeup, I head back downstairs. I pour a second cup of coffee and sit down to blog. For some reason the internet is not working so I edit a few pictures and then decide to clean up the kitchen. Doing dishes is probably one of my least favorite chores but I know if I don't get the dishwasher unloaded, the dishes will be piled up by the end of the day! When I am on the very last dish I notice that the little gel pack didn't dissolve and I realize that none of the dishes even got clean! Boo! I go back through the cabinets and put the dishes back in the dishwasher and restart it. Have I mentioned our dishwasher is not the best?

I finally go upstairs and see if I can get better internet reception up there. Luckily it seems to be working okay so I finish up a blog post and check my email.  The time seems to fly right by and it's time to get E up and ready for music.

I wake her up, change her diaper, and get her loaded up in the car. By this time it is already 100 degrees outside. Yuck!
E has a great time at music. She wasn't walking the last time we went so I think she is seeing everything from a whole new perspective.
We sit down and have lunch together- left over veggie and chicken stir-fry and quinoa. Emerson doesn't eat a whole lot of hers so I give her some of her leftover yogurt and strawberries from breakfast.

I clean up everything from lunch and we come into the living room to play. She pushes her walker around, plays with one of her balls, and digs through her toy bin. Each time she pulls something out she brings it over to show me. It is the cutest!

Emerson nurses and goes down for a nap. I straighten up our room and put some clothes away before changing into my workout clothes. I'm honestly not feeling very motivated but I know I have to get a workout in today.

Workout (Turbo Fire 55 EZ) I feel so much better when I'm done. I check to see if E is awake and she is still sound asleep so I sit down to type this out. I know I'll forget all of the details if I don't. :)

I decide I need a little pick-me up so I brew a cup of coffee (decaf so I guess it's not really much of a pick me up). While i'm waiting for the Keurig to warm up I fold a load of towels in the dryer. I think about going upstairs to get another load but decide against it. Who needs clean clothes? I work on a photo book while I wait for E to wake up

I hear the little princess stirring. I LOVE that sound so much. When I open her door she's standing in her crib and holding her baby doll. Melt my heart. I get her out, change her diaper and we play for awhile.
We come downstairs for a snack. I give Emerson tiny pieces of raw apple for the first time. She does great with it and keeps asking for more. We go in the living room to play when we're done with our snack.  I think about taking her outside but check the temperature and see that it is 102 degrees. I decide to wait a little bit later in hopes that it will cool down. We read a few books and play with about 20 different toys for about 10 seconds each.

We head outside to walk around and play at the playground. Emerson stops along the way to look at every single plant and bush. She gets so distracted that I have to pick her up and carry her over to the playground. One of the little neighborhood girls is out playing and she is so happy to see Emerson. We hang out at the playground for about 30 minutes and then head back in because it.is.SO.HOT!

Emerson nurses and then goes in her Pack N Play for a little playtime while Jesse and I start dinner. She gets into everything so it's almost impossible to watch her and cook at the same time!

Dinner is served! Jesse grilled salmon and I made baked potatoes, salad, and butternut squash. I can't stand the salmon but Emerson goes crazy for it. We can't get it on her tray fast enough. Silly girl.

We get a few things cleaned up and then head upstairs for bath time. Emerson refuses to stay seated in the bath tub and falls and hits the back of her head. She's fine but Momma's nerves are about shot with all of this falling!

Baby girl is bathed and in her pajamas (after modeling her adorable little robe, of course.) We give her her fluoride and let her brush her teeth.
She nurses one last time and then I put her in her crib with her baby doll. She doesn't make a peep and is out within 5 minutes. Tired baby!

Jesse and I finish cleaning up the kitchen and the living room (the aftermath of the Emerson tornado)

We spend the rest of the night watching TV, playing video games and computing before finally going to bed around 10:30- hoping that there won't be a 3:30 AM wake-up call coming from down the hall. :)

AllisonFay said...

You guys have such a wonderful life, and you seem like such a great mom. Every time I see posts about Emerson walking, I can't wait until Anniston is more mobile, but then I change my mind because she is already growing up so fast!

Rebekah said...

I love reading posts like this! Emerson keeps you pretty busy!

Lyndsey said...

I love all the details of you day! It sounds a lot like ours - especially the playing with a million toys for 10 seconds each, haha.

Our dishwasher does that too sometimes, but it's usually because I put a pan that's too big in and it blocks the lid from popping open...of course I don't notice it until I've put all the dishes away either! Oops!

Is quinoa good? I bought some for us to try but have been nervous to cook it. i'm not very adventurous in he food department.

I have a few friends that put their babies in their pack n plays for independent play time. I've never done that before, but it sounds like a good idea when you're trying to get a few things done. Especially cooking dinner! I may have to try it!

Mateya said...

Sounds like your days are pretty busy! :) Emerson keeps you on your toes!

I have to say you look so darn good in that picture with E. The working out is definitely paying off, skinny minnie! :)

Mallorie said...

I love this!! Sounds like such a fun day! Emma Claire has been getting up like that latley too!!! Silly girls!

Jenny said...

I love this post! What a wonderful day. I remember doing this when my son was 7 months old. I've thought about doing it now with the both my kids but it's too hard to remember everything! I go to bed each night and wonder what the heck we did during the day...it goes way too fast!

Rachel and John said...

I love day in the life posts!!!

My Henry is always falling and hitting his head too.

Joeylee said...

sounds like you guys have a great day. When they become mobile its impossible to cook. When I make dinner I call daddy in to play with the girls cause when I start cooking it always seems like they find something to get into! cute pictures as always

ajs {of MN} said...

its so fun reading about another mommy's day- its similar but yet SO different! fun, thanks for sharing :)

Natalie said...

Definitely not boring! I Love peeking into other people's days. I am impressed wiht Emerson's naps! I can't believe it is so hot there...yuck! I am not looking forward to all of the falling and head hitting that is coming our way soon!

mom said...

Awesome post. It is so fun to see what she is doing . Such a sweet girl. Love Mom.

Megan said...

Vince has been the waking to eat as well!!

Gosh she is so cute and look at her go!! Walking around!! Adorable!!!

BTW I know I tell you all the time, but you look AMAZING!

Amber said...

I havent done one of these in such a long time! Its so fun to read what happens with another little one and how different and alike they are.

Kelly said...

2 naps AND you got 2 hours in the afternoon!?!?!? Lucky duck!

Makes me wish I was a stay at home mom. Can't wait for summer!

the workaholic momma said...

I just love this post....and enjoyed reading all of the details of your day...y'all sure do stay busy!!! I hope Emerson starts sleeping a little later for you soon:)

Megan said...

I seriously loved reading this!! It's neat to see what a day in the life of other people is like!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Sounds like a familiar day!

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