Friday Randoms

Happy Friday guys! As you know, today is our Saturday and we are enjoying it with a big, steaming mug of coffee and smiles and laughs from our darling girl. Our bags are packed and we're ready to head to the beach for the night. But before we go, here are a few randoms on this lovely Friday:

-My neighbor (and dear friend) hosted a girls night on Wednesday night. We ate chocolate fondue, drank sparkling wine, and played games. It was so much fun and there were a couple of times that we were laughing so hard our bellies hurt. I love nights like that.

 I think I ate my weight in chocolate! Yum!

-Today the week long countdown begins to our sweet girl's birthday! Since we are waiting to have her party when we go to Texas this summer, we are going to have low-key family day on her actual birthday. The thought of singing happy birthday to her makes me a sappy mess! Here's a little teaser of the front of her invitation. Once they are ordered and mailed out, I'll share the whole thing. I'm super happy with the way they turned out!
-I've been trying to get a few good pictures for the back of E's birthday party invitation and it has been so tough! She's constantly on the move! Climbing, running, talking- you name it! I need to get better at action shots, I guess, because this girl is not slowing down for anything!

 -I'm starting to plan the logistics of traveling with a one year old for 24 plus hours. Last year I posted this about traveling with an infant. I think it's going to be SO very different with a mobile pre-toddler! We ended up making the decision to purchase Emerson her own seat. We knew it would be practically impossible to hold her for that long. Of course, her carseat is way too big to fit easily on the airplane so I did some research and found that the best carseat for air travel is the Cosco Scenera. It's 40 bucks at Wal-Mart- which I think is super reasonable! As we get closer to departure I'll share more about what we pack for the trip. Until then, here is a great post about traveling with a toddler (and looking cute while doing it!)

-I'm planning on doing a series of posts on motherhood next week in honor of Emerson's birthday and my first year as a Momma. I haven't started writing them but I have all of the ideas floating around in my head. I'm excited to try to put my experiences as a first time Momma into words.

-I think I wasn't too clear on my post on Wednesday when I said I bought two dresses for E's birthday party. I meant that I bought two dresses for myself. :) You know, because dresses are perfect for running after a one year old on a sugar high. Haha! Emerson will be wearing a custom outfit from Mimi's boutique, of course! :)

Well, I guess that's it for today. It's time for us to head out and do a little bit of this:
Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday for Weekend Rewind.

RAY J said...

We have that car seat in both our cars - seems to work pretty well! I love that brand - most of Jay's stuff (like high chair, stroller system, car seats etc) are Cosco, they're affordable but great quality!

RAY J said...

We have that car seat in both our cars - seems to work pretty well! I love that brand - most of Jay's stuff (like high chair, stroller system, car seats etc) are Cosco, they're affordable but great quality!

Lyndsey said...

Her birthday invitation is darling! Have fun on your staycation! :)

Natalie said...

That black and white dress? Adorable! I can't wait to read your post about the long travel...I have never flown with my boy, and I always wonder how people do it for long flights. I will be taking notes! Great invitation! :)

Stephanie said...

That black and white outfit is just the sweetest!

Mom said...

I love the invitation. Can't wait for you all to get here. I am so glad that we will all be together for her 1st Birthday. I better get busy....
Love you all

Kelli Kegley said...

Yay for girls night! They are always the best! Especially when a chocolate fountain is involved! Ha!

Love her invite. I have no doubt the rest is just as adorable! And that little dress is too much!!! I'd go bankrupt if we had a girl ;)

Have a wonderful weekend at the beach!

Mateya said...

How fun that you had such a great time with some girlfriends! That sparkling wine looks yummy.

Can't wait to see Emerson's birthday outfit from Mimi...it's sure to be adorable! :)

Anna & Kirby said...

I'm looking forward to the motherhood posts :) I can't wait for E's party either... I'm sure it's going to be perfect!

Pam said...

We did the 24 hours of travel thing, too, and you will NOT regret buying E her own seat. Also, we have a Britax (roundabout? the second priciest one, whatever it is) and, while large, it fit comfortably between my husband and I on the plane. We bought a go go babyz to wheel it through the airport. Just something to consider!

Rachel said...

Have you seen these harnesses before? It says the child needs to be at least 1 year old and 22 pounds, so it might not work for Emerson. I haven't used one personally, but have friends who have and they all LVOE them. I will be using one this Sept when we travel.


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