Emerson- 13 Months

Emerson turned 13 months just over a week ago. I originally thought I wouldn't keep doing her monthly updates after her birthday, but I've decided to do it because I know I will want to look back on it someday. (So this is really more for me than anyone else!) :)
So, this is what E is up to at 13 months:

Sizes: 21.2 pounds, 12-18 months clothes, 3 shoes, 4 diapers

Teeth: She still has 8 teeth and has been teething for at least 2 months now with no new teeth in sight.

Words: Mama, Daddy, Bubba, Gracie, Mimi, Pa, Gigi, ball, blue, bird,  puffs, bye bye, baby, dog

Signs: milk, more, please, thank you, eat, cracker, cheese, cereal, cookie, apple, banana, dog, cat, giraffe, elephant, pig, monkey, camel, horse, frog,fish, baby, spider, turtle, squirrel, butterfly, tree, time, water, Momma, Daddy, duck, potty, sleep, pretty, bug, cold, hot, socks, shoes, ball, star, bath, bubbles, soap, wash hands, car

Animal Sounds: lion, cat, pig, cow, frog, horse, cow, monkey, chicken, snake

Body Parts: Head, hair, teeth, ear, toes, belly button, hands

Music, Elmo, babies, dancing, riding her tricycle, going bye-bye, blowing kisses, swimming, taking a bath, drinking water, the dogs, playing outside, picking up pinecones, blowing bubbles in the bathtub and trying to swim in the bathtub

Doesn't Love:
getting her face wiped, strangers, being in the car/stroller/highchair for too long

Favorite Books: Dear Zoo, Baby Colors

Favorite Toys: her babydoll, Smart Trike, shape sorter, drum

Highlights this Month: Second international trip, first birthday party, lots of time with Mimi and Pa, Gigi, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Chris and all 5 cousins

 Emerson, how old are you?
My oh my is this age fun! Emerson goes a mile a minute, loves to talk, gives hugs and kisses, and learns new words and signs every day. It's so much fun and I wish I could bottle her up at this age. It's just THE BEST and we are loving every second of it!

Emily Powell said...

Georgia does the same thing when you ask her how old she is. We have SUCH smart girls ;)

Beth Ann said...

Holden is catching up to E! He is getting close to 21 lbs! How did this happen?!?! Also, in sie 3 shoes and size 4 diapers...ahhhhh!

Seems like such a fun and BUSY age! ;)

Joeylee said...

I decided to do updates on both girls till 3, cause they change so much and I wanted to be able to look back on it. Emerson is getting so big and she is such a doll. She's such a smart girl being able to sign all those words.

ajs {of MN} said...

super cute! she looks so much like you!

Jamie said...

love monthly updates! I did McKenzie's till she was 2. she's a doll

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

aww, she is such a beautiful girl and growing so fast! Isn't it crazy how time flies with a baby/toddler? I love this format for "in-between" updates! I might do this for the non-major months because those are always like 10 pages long, ha!

Emily said...

It really is SUCH a fun age! :) And Miss E looks ADORABLE, as always!

Christa said...

Omg she is just adorable! Love her little tutu!

Mom said...

We are loving every minute with her. She is changing every day. The time is going by so fast. Love you.

Natalie said...

13 months???? Where does the time go?

cait said...

Super cute!! Love her awesome 1 outfits!! What a doll! I like this outline and will probably borrow it when Adeline gets past 1. I said I would stop too...but I am such a memory hoarder, ha!

luvbnmom said...

It really is a great age, and it just keeps getting better! She is beautiful!

Carissa said...

Great age and man is she smart!! Good job momma!

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