The Last Few Days (In Pictures)

Things are a little crazy here! We went to the lake this weekend and just made it home a few hours ago.
Now we are knee-deep in party prep. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!
Since I need to get back to my party crafts, I thought I'd recap our last few days in pictures.

Since arriving in Texas Emerson has been:

Having a blast in Mimi's backyard:

Spending time with Oscar (Bubba, as she calls him)

Splashing in her baby pool (and figuring out how to drink from the hose)

Playing with cousins

Running through the sprinkler

Checking out the boat 

Enjoying beautiful lake views

Swimming in the lake and loving every second

Going on unicorn rides

and sleeping with her baby doll.

I feel like she has transformed into a little toddler overnight. I can't even imagine what she will be like by the end of the summer. Oh how I love that sweet girl.

J and A said...

What fun!!! She is looking big an cute!!

Mallorie said...

So sweet. I feel like looking at E is like a glimpse into our lives when EC has teeth! It must be the fair skin, fluffy blonde hair, and blue eyes!

Mallorie said...

PS I'm glad y'all are having a blast. Visits always go too fast don't they?!

Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

She is too cute!!

Emily Powell said...

oh my gosh! She looks like she is getting chunkier! I LOVE her little round tummy in all the swimsuit pictures and all her fluffy blonde hair (totally biased though!)

Katie said...

Oh my goodness! Her fluffy blonde hair!!! I just LOVE it:)

Natalie said...

What a water baby! She looks like she is lovin' some Texas!

Beth Ann said...

She does seem like she has transformed all of the sudden! She is so precious. Love that little swimsuit tutu bum! ;)

Amanda said...

what wonderful photographs to capture these beautiful summer moments! it looks like you guys are having a good one!

xo, amanda

Anna & Kirby said...

I was just going to say "man, she grew up!" and then when I scrolled down you said the same thing! She's beautiful :)

Joeylee said...

she looks like she has gotten so big. I love her fluffy hair and that last picture of her sleeping with her baby, so precious!!

Kelly said...

She is so stinking cute!!! Looks like she is having a blast! :)

Traci said...

So cute sleeping with her little baby.

ajs {of MN} said...

she is SUCH a cutie, i can hardly stand it! looks like your visit is going so great!

Katie @ Lady Million said...

They are SO freakin' cute. And so is your blog for that matter. LOVING it. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

Lady Million

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