I have really missed blogging over the last week and a half. We've had quite a bit going on so I thought I'd just update y'all with a few bullet points.

-First of all I want to thank everyone for your kind words and prayers for our sweet Matthew. I am always amazed by the kindness and sincerity of my blog friends. You guys are amazing.

-We made the long journey back to the States last Tuesday. Jesse is in North Carolina with his family this week and I am back in the great state of Texas. The trip over went pretty well considering we were flying with a one year old but I have to be honest and tell you it was THE LONGEST trip of my life. Look for a whole post on that soon.

-Emerson has already grown so much just since we got here. She is absolutely loving being here with her Mimi and Pa. All of those FaceTime sessions have paid off because she went right to her Mimi without a second thought and cries when she leaves. She's definitely a Mimi's girl!

-She has also adjusted incredibly well to the time difference (9 hours!) The first few nights she got up for the day between 3:00 and 4:00 AM but even then she was sleeping 11 hours without waking up! She is now onto her regular schedule and actually sleeping better and longer than she does at home!

-Oscar and Grace were so happy to see us. You may remember last year that I was so sad because Gracie wanted nothing to do with me. This year she has acted like I never left and has been sweet and cuddly with me like she used to be. They have also been fantastic with Emerson. It makes me so happy to see my three babies together.

-Birthday party preparations are under way. At one point we were debating on cancelling it just because of everything that has been going on but we've decided to go ahead with it. It will be very low key but still perfect for our sweet girl.

-The hard drive in my Macbook crashed! :( It started making this funny clicking noise when I turned it on after our trip and then it went to the gray screen of death. Of course I haven't backed up anything since February! That means all of my pictures from the last few months are gone. Thank goodness for the blog- at least tons of them posted here.  I was told that we may be able to retrieve some of them off of my memory card so I'll try that when I get home. Lesson learned: BACK UP EVERYTHING!

-The closest Mac repair shop is 2.5 hours away so we had made the 5 hour round trip drive on Monday to drop it off. Luckily one of the guys from the shop is coming down here this weekend and offered to drop it off for me so we don't have to go back and get it. It should be good as new with a brand new hard drive.

-I haven't taken a single picture since we got here so this will be a pictureless post. I do plan on getting out the camera today so hopefully I'll have some new pictures to share soon.

I hope everyone is well!

Amanda said...

i am so so sorry to hear about matthew! my heart goes out to your family. praying that god is able to use his precious life to impact many! i hope you have a good week! i have totally been there with the computer crashing and losing pictures!!! ugh! it's the worst feeling. i still haven't learned my lesson yet because we still don't have a backup for our computer. lol!

Gabriella said...

So glad to hear you are enjoying your time at home! :)

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry for the reason you are with family, but I'm glad you are able to be with them and Emerson has the time too. Sounds like she is doing better than expected with the time change - way to go E!!

J and A said...

I've been thinking about you guys so much. Glad you made it back home and YAY for the pups being happy to see you, must have made you hear happy. Glad Emerson is adjusting well. :)

ajs {of MN} said...

yeah! ive missed you. so glad your trip to the states went so well. how long are you here? i wish it was MN!!! haha

Natalie said...

I'm so glad you had a safe trip and that Emerson is adjusting well! Glad to have you back on US soil :)

Megan said...

I am glad your trip is going well so far!!! I need to back up all my photos!! This is going to give me a little extra push!

Baby Mama said...

I was so sorry to read about Matthew! I have been thinking about you and your family!

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