How Does She Do It? {A Guest Post}

Hey y'all! I'm Mallorie, the author behind Happy Home, as well as a wife, and new mommy to the one and only Emma Claire. I love sweet tea, big bows, smocked dresses, home improvement projects, and taking care of my little family. I am so tickled that Tami is having me guest post and I hope y'all enjoy what I have to share!

If you have ever read my blog you might have noticed that the phrase "the hubs was at work" is used quite often. While I can't tell you exactly what he does for a living I can tell you it takes up a heck of a lot of his time! I constantly have people asking me "how do you do it"? I'm assuming by "it" they mean handle our nine month old daughter, take care of our two dogs, have a relationship with my husband, AND tackle home improvement projects all simultaneously. Now I am not claiming that I do all of this well or that it's easy but I don't really have any other choice. So I thought that today I would talk to y'all about how to handle everything life throws at you with a spouse who is gone frequently. I will go ahead and say I knew that I was choosing this lifestyle when I married my husband. I knew what he wanted to do with his life required him to work long hours and travel frequently and it was something I was okay with. I also think that part of making it work is having the right attitude.

- You have to make time. When the hubs is home we have to work to make sure our time spent together as a family is quality time. There have been too many days where we zone out in front of the TV or get on our computers and let time slip by. So we work hard to schedule fun activities and go out and do things as a family. 

- Alone time. {in all respects of the word} I think this is crucial. When the Mr. is home I try and make sure he and Emma Claire have time just the two of them. I also try and make sure I take a step back and give myself some time without my little side kick. Since we are together constantly it is nice for me to take a breather. And when the little lady goes to bed the hubs and I really try to have "date nights" as often as possible. And hey, most of them are at home and that's just fine with us!

- Keep it all in perspective. This one is hard for me some days. When I am seeing blog posts or tweets about my friends who's hubbys get to do bath time, cook dinner, or have some sort of nightly routine with their children it's so easy for me to have a pity party because we usually don't get that. Then I take a step back and remember that this is our family and we have our own special routines and ways that we do day to day life, it's just different from the "norm". I also try really hard not to dwell on the negative {easier said than done} Like when the trash needs to go out but EC is screaming, the dogs need to be walked, the sink is overflowing with dishes, and oh yeah we just moved so there are still a million and one things to get done at the house but I'm alone and there is only one of me. I just have to remember that my husand is working so hard and is gone frequently so that I can stay home with our little lady. 

I'm sure that this post doesn't apply to most of you reading but if it helps a few people then I will be happy!

ajs {of MN} said...

Oh she is cute!

luvbnmom said...

My husband is a golf professional and his time is majorly consumed especially in the summer! I can completely understand where you ate coming from! I work full time and keep my little man by mysel when he is at work, which is pretty much until I am ready to go to bed. I can get a little bitter sometimes, like you when I read others posts about family time, but we just have a different family time than most other people, and I have to realize
and respect that! Great post and you have the most adorable family! Good luck super mom!

allie-mac-fallie said...

Mallorie you are awesome!! You are a great wife, mom an friend! :)

Beth Ann said...

I bet it applies to more people than you might think. My hubby only has 4 days off next month. Some months are better than others, but I definitely know where you're coming from. I am still amazed at all you seem to do and get accomplished. I am still kind of a baby about doing things, such as house projects, alone. So, they just don't get done. I admire you for taking charge!

Megan said...

Every time I read a post from you I realize we really do have SO much in common!! Most of my days are spent just Olivia and I too. Jeremy works minimum 14 hour days, some days he spends his lunch breaks at work other days he can come home to break up his day.

Sometimes it is difficult but I know Jeremy LOVES what he does for a living and it allows me to spend a lot of time with Olivia which I am TRUELY grateful for!!

Great post!! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

This is all great advice!

-Lauren said...

Great post! I need to get better at taking alone time for myself. Motherhood is a constant work in progress.

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