How to Dress a Baby Boy {A Guest Post}

Hi there! I am Beth Ann and I blog over at My Life More Abundant. I am excited to be guest posting for Tami today! I have been reading Tami's blog for a long time now and she is one of my best blog-friends. This is my first time guest posting for anyone and I'm so happy it is for Tami and her wonderful blog!
First, just a little about myself... I am a wife to my amazing husband, Shon.  We were high school sweethearts and have now been married for four years.  I am a new mommy to Holden Ezra who is ten months old.  (How much longer do I get to claim "new mommy" status?!)  I am also a dog-mommy to our pug, Doug.  My husband is an emergency medicine resident.  I am a registered nurse but now stay home full time with our sweet boy.  I love the Lord, my boys, our families and friends, coffee, shopping, house projects, eating cooking, taking pictures, and writing.

I really was not sure what to post about but kind of wanted to do something that Tami may not have done before.  Since she obviously has a beautiful little GIRL... I thought this topic was probably safe!  When we found out we were expecting a BOY, we were over-the-moon-happy.  I love having a boy.  However, it does come with its unique challenges...one such challenge being finding cute boy clothes!  I soon realized while browsing baby sections/stores that there seemed to be a much greater selection for girls than boys.  It can get a little pitiful.  Sometimes I feel as though 3/4 of the stores are girl clothing.  It is also a bit more of a challenge due to the fact that there are far more cute accessories for girls than boys.  (Bows, flowers, headbands, tutus, sparkles, sequins, ruffles, skirts, dresses, tights....)

But fear not!  There is hope!  Dressing a boy can be fun!  You just might have to look a little harder or get more creative.

Here are a few tips from this boy mama:

1. Hats, socks, shoes, and even pacifier clips can be fun "accessories."

2. "Baby Legs" are fun.  Some people don't like them for boys.  I say they make them in boy colors and prints and they are one of the few accessories for boys... so bring 'em on.
3. Smocking and bubble rompers are adorable on boys, too!  (Try eBay where you can find smocked outfits much cheaper.  Both of the pictured outfits below were bargain eBay finds!)

4. Search under "vintage" on Etsy. Type in, "Boy 6-9 month" or something along those lines. (This is great for girls, too.) You can find such cute and unique items - for cheap! Thanks to Kira for giving me this idea. The Lacoste overalls H is wearing below are an $8 vintage Etsy find!

5. Shop consignment.  We have a great little infant/children's consignment shop nearby.  I love the low prices and again, you can find some unique things.  Also, find out if there are any annual children's consignment sales in your area.  I totally hit the jackpot at one of those!
(Orange OshKosh shorts and shoes from a consignment shop!)

6. Don't be too good for Goodwill. ;)  I have *so much* fun finding clothes for H at Goodwill!  I think it's fun because it's like a treasure hunt.  You really have to look and then it is so exciting when you find something!  Best part?  Clothing size 24 months and under is only 99 cents!

(A successful Goodwill trip!)

I hope these tips will come in handy for my fellow boy mamas or mamas to be... or any of you that ever have to shop for a baby boy! Dressing a boy CAN be lots of fun!
(Sweet little outfit from an annual consignment sale!)
luvbnmom said...

Very good tips. I have pretty much been using all of those. My sister and I love Goodwill! We have always been avid bargain shoppers an even more so now with kids! We love our consignment sales, and when your kiddo gets big enough you can sell his clothes in the consignment sale and get the next season basically free! If you are wanting to sell them and not keep them that is. I hold back items that hold sentimental value!

Kira said...

Those Lacoste overalls are adorable. Great post, I love how you dress Holden!

ajs {of MN} said...

cute, what a little adorable man! i love the orange turtle overalls :)

Mallorie said...

Love it! :-)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I am with you Beth Ann! I hate that the stores are SO over the top for girls and nada for boys. You do a great job keeping Holden cute as can be :)

Lyndsey said...

What a cutie! I love him in his little smocked outfits! I've only been able to dress Liam "up" a few times because my husband is NOT a fan of them haha. SO I take advantage of the holidays, ha!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Great suggestions...the socks are too cute!

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