Mission Organization: Baby Gear

It's weird to say, but I think I've had a harder time settling back in here than I did when we first arrived. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because the newness has worn off and I'm ready for a new adventure. Or it might be a combination of the horrible heat and the fact that we are on the downhill slope of our time overseas. I guess it's hard to feel settled when I know that we will be moving again soon. I'm sure the fact that we don't know exactly when or where we are going doesn't help my unsettled feeling. Either way, I've been trying to find things to keep us busy! 

One of those things was to get more organized. I LOVE organizing stuff but I'm not always the best at keeping things organized. However, knowing that we may be moving to a tiny smaller house/apartment has really motivated me to clean out all of our closets and get everything into some sort of organized state.  My first order of business was sorting and packing all of E's outgrown clothes and baby gear.

I think I underestimated what a huge task that would be and just how many clothes our little munchkin actually has! I headed to Ikea to buy some bins because I had previously been storing everything in cardboard boxes. I'm so glad I decided to buy more bins that I thought I needed because I ended up using ALL of them.

To get started, I took everything out of the cardboard boxes and started sorting it by size. I also had quite a few items in her closet that needed to be put away.

This is what her room looked like during the sorting process:
 My sweet little helper:
 I actually had fun going back through all of her tiny clothes! I could remember distinctly what she looked like in each sweet little outfit. At the same time I had a hard time believing that she ever fit in some of it! My how these babies grow too fast!
Finally, after hours and hours of sorting, folding, stacking, and labeling, I was done.
And this is what it looked like:
After I got these boxes put away, I put another large box at the bottom of E's closet. As I notice stuff getting too small, I just drop it in the bin. It's been helpful for me because I know I won't have to do another big closet clean out.

It feels so good to have it done and I love knowing that I have all of these precious clothes stored in case we have another baby girl in the future.

While I was going through baby gear, I cleaned out our bottle drawer and turned it into a sippy cup drawer. E hasn't taken a bottle in months, but for some reason I had held off on packing up those bottles. Now you can officially tell that a toddler lives here.

 Since I packed up all of the bottle and baby food making accessories, I was able to turn one cabinet into a little mealtime headquarters for E. This cabinet now holds her dinnerware, bibs, and even some snacks that she can pick out on her own. 
I saw this genus idea on Pinterest: Stick a hook to the inside of the cabinet to hang your favorite bibs. Love it!
During our little Ikea shopping trip, I also picked up a few sets of their adorable plates and cups. I love the bright colors and they seem really durable.
Although this was a simple change, it has made a big difference. I love having everything for her mealtime right where I can easily get to it. I also love that she knows where her special cabinet is. I've also been having her "help" me unload the dishwasher by putting her away her plates, cups, and bowls. It's too cute!

Throughout my little organizing spree I have learned one major lesson. LESS is MORE. Seriously, y'all. We have way too much stuff! I am feeling this overwhelming urge to get rid of stuff and simplify. So don't be surprised if you see more posts like this over the next few weeks. Momma's on a mission! :)

luvbnmom said...

I get in those modes, but my whole house gets turned upside down in the process! Looks like you have a great start. I love that she has her own special cabinet. As soon as we get a bigger house with more cabinets I think I might do that too!

Traci said...

Hadley's outgrown clothes are such a mess. Some are in grocery bags, some in boxes, I need to organize them. Now I have Gunners old clothes too just piling up.

Stephanie said...

Love the idea of hanging the bibs on a hook, so simple yet so handy! And where did you get the bench with storage underneath? I'm afraid you are going to say Ikea and we don't have one near us... :( I need to start pulling Chloe's old clothes out too because I'm going to consign them next month.

mom said...

Looks great. I really need to get some things organized. Just need to take the first step. Oh yeah that would mean getting up. Love you.

mom said...

Looks great. I really need to get some things organized. Just need to take the first step. Oh yeah that would mean getting up. Love you.

Mandy said...

I know you feel so much better having all of her things organized like this! That's what I need to do too! Keep doing posts about this and maybe it will motivate me to get started! lol Love the hook idea for the bibs too! Genius!!

Joeylee said...

my house looked like that not to long ago when I was going through all our saved clothes seeing what I could use for Kendall. It always feels nice to have it put in bins and labeled.

Where did you get that organizer for the sippy cups and utensils? I need something like that for the girls. Great job, everything looks great!

Marcella{The Life of a Military Family} said...

I put bins in my kids closets so that each time they grew out of something I could plop it in also.
I did it from the time they were born and it was so nice having everything organized right off!
Once a bin was full, it was labeled immediately. :)

ajs {of MN} said...

fun tips! i have to do a baby clothes organize day as well- i have the bins and they are waiting. i have all of her small stuff out of her room but need to really get them all together as far as 0-3, 3/6, 6/9 etc...

i love the bib idea, i WILL be doing this as well & too need to rearrange and find a new cupboard for all of babies meal time stuff- there is SO much! haha

Mateya said...

I have a bin sitting around the corner that I put all the newborn and 0-3 stuff in as he is outgrowing them. I still get sad every time I have to put something in there :(

I agree,it's so hard to believe they ever fit into such small clothes! :)

Emily Powell said...

I agree with downsizing but it is so hard with a little one!

Emily Powell said...

oh, and are you going to start doing the weekend rewind again!?

Julie Rogers said...

I totally need to declutter---aaahhh, why is kids' stuff everywhere?!?! Love all the organizing you did! Hope you check out our fun giveaways this week on our blog!


Jennifer said...

I SO need to do this!!

Natalie said...

Now that's what I call some organization!

Gabriella said...

I love that she has her own little cabinet! So cute! Great job on the organizing!! :)

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