Emerson @ 17 Months

I am sitting here in disbelief that my sweet girl is 17 months old today (I started writing this on the 18th so she's technically 17 months and one week now!) She is almost a year and a half old! How did that happen so quickly? I feel like we were just planning her birthday party and now here we are with a big girl on our hands.

I desperately wish that I could capture her personality in words but I'm afraid that I can't even begin to do her justice. She's silly and happy and crazy and just so much fun. She's also developing a little stubborn streak and she thinks it's hilarious to run from me when I'm trying to change her diaper or take something away from her. She's a momma's girl who is crazy about her Daddy. She loves animals and she's never met a stranger. She is just amazing and we love her more and more every day.

Growth: Around 25 pounds, not sure of height but she definitely looks taller to me and her legs are really getting longer and leaner, still wearing Size 4 shoes but they seem to be getting small and 5's are a little bit too big, Size 4 diapers, mostly 18-24 months clothing 

I have lost count of how many words Emerson can say but I love that she is picking up new ones every day.  She constantly amazes me with what she will repeat. (It's really important that we watch what we say these days because she is a little copycat!)  One of her favorite things to do right now is to fill in the blanks in books and songs. I will sing a part and then stop and let her sing the next word. It is the cutest to hear her little voice fill in where I left off. Her favorites are the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Row Your Boat

Favorite Words:
all done,  on, momma, dada, play, eat, cheese, cracker, milk, pretty, play, doggy,  gasses (glasses)

Notable New Words/Phrases:
tickle tickle tickle
hiney (as she pats her behind)
boo boo
trick or treat (trick treat)
I don't know (she has been saying this for a few months but she now says it really clearly and I think it is just the cutest thing ever.)
color words (and the signs)
got it
animals names (instead of just doing the sound and the sign she can now say many of the words such as doggy, kitty, elephant, hippo, etc)
excuse you (We always said this to her when she would burp or pass gas. Now she says it for herself. I'm trying to get her to change it to excuse me but no such luck yet. )

She still uses her signs quite a bit but now that she is able to say so many more words she is starting to use them less and less. 

Likes: books, balls, keys, walking, running, riding her bike, baby dolls, her chair, Elmo, music (She will go over to the speakers and do the sign and say music when she wants it on. So cute!!), dancing, climbing, animals, brushing her teeth, fruit, yogurt, standing on top of her toys and furniture, hats, sunglasses

Dislikes: being away from momma, staying in one spot for more than 5 seconds, 

I don't want to forget: 
-She has decided that she needs 5 things with her every time she goes to bed now. Her baby, doggy, hippo, giraffe, and blanket.  After putting her baby and doggy in each hand she puts her legs up in the air and ask for her "banket." Then she asks for hippo so that she can give it a kiss  and then she does the same with "raffe."  

-She is obsessed with brushing her teeth. She asks about it by saying "teeth" at least 5 times a day. Maybe she'll be a dentist when she grows up. :)

-She likes to do stuff that will make us laugh. If she does do something that is funny she will keep doing it over and over to get us to laugh. She'll also laugh along with a really loud, fake laugh.

-She loves to wrap her baby doll up in a blanket and rock it while singing. She also loves to point out babies (even kids bigger than her) and say baby. But she likes to keep her distance and pretty much wants nothing to do with real babies right now.

-She loves to smile with her nose all scrunched up and her eyes squinty. She's such a mess!
-She is such a girly girl. She does not like her hands or feet to get dirty and she always asks for her bow when she's getting dressed. 
And here are a few more pictures from the last month. So many of them are blurry because I can't get her to stand still for very long! :)

Feeding her doggy:
For some reason it took me forever to write this post. I think it's because it's practically impossible to describe Emerson's spunky little personality with just words. She really has become her own little person and I am constantly amazed by her and everything she is learning. She is such a blessing to us and we are so thankful to be her parents.
Happy 17 Months baby girl!

Paula Lynch said...

Such a sweet post. She has grown so much in the last few months. In love her sweet smile. Love

Meg G said...

She is adorable! And so smart!

Joanna said...

shes just the cutest!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

so many words! B isnt talking much yet, but I assume it is because Cullen never stops to give him a chance! And I got some feedback from my friends about housing, Ill email you this afternoon!

Joeylee said...

She is too cute for words!!

Natalie said...

Awww she is so adorable in that Elmo dress! This age is such a fun one...they are learning so much!

Happy 17 months!

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