Random, much?

I feel like most of my posts are pretty boring these days but I want to keep writing for the sake of documentation. Even if we aren't doing anything too exciting, I know these precious days are fleeting and I don't want to forget even the most mundane of them. So, here are a few updates in bullets:

-We didn't do much this weekend besides church and a little bit of shopping. They finally opened Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn kids in our city so we had to go check it out. E got a little early Christmas present that I am super excited about. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow and once I do I'll share. (It's not anything that spectacular but I know she is going to LOVE it.)

-I finally broke my months long streak of not reading. I had heard great things about Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers so I decided to download the sample last week. Once I started I couldn't stop so I just had to buy it. It was amazing and definitely got me in the mood to read again. So, what should I read next?

-We had issues with our car last week so I wasn't able to make it over to Brittney's to see Sophia and Grace. Luckily she was brave enough to make the journey over to our house. Once I told Emerson that they were coming she walked around all morning saying Grace's name. It was the cutest! And speaking of the cutest- you guys should see sweet little Sophia. She is SO tiny! While I held her I tried to remember Emerson ever being that tiny and I just couldn't picture it.
Doesn't she look just like Grace? 

-I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing Brittney and Grace's friendship is to Emerson and me. And now we have sweet Sophia to join in on our playdates!

-We got a special package from Mimi yesterday containing Emerson's Halloween costume. Y'all! I am DYING over the cuteness. I cannot wait for her to wear it. Mimi really outdid herself this year!! Sneaky peaky:

-Today after I dropped Jesse off at work I had plans to take Emerson to the park. It's one we haven't been to before but I know exactly where it is. That didn't stop me from missing the turn and getting stuck in tons of traffic. Twice. I finally gave up and went to the mall instead. We had a coffee date and watched the fish in the giant tank.
 She had drinkable yogurt instead of coffee. :)
And then I let her run around the indoor amusement park for about an hour. She was as happy as could be on the rides even without turning them on.
So things didn't go exactly as I planned but it turned out to be a perfect morning. Maybe we'll try for the park again tomorrow.

Emily Powell said...

isn't that the life of a mom...you plan and it never goes the way we would like it but it always turns out good somehow!

Mosby Hardin said...

Redeeming Love is one of my FAVORITE books! I reread it this summer and could not put it down. So glad you loved it too! Pretty much anything else by Francine Rivers is amazing!

Michelle said...

That is my favorite book EVER!! So glad you liked it! Ted Dekker has some tood books out there too. And so does Karen Kingsbury, she has a series about the Baxter family and it is one of the beat stories I've ever read. I guess I'm kind of a book nerd haha.

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

I have heard wonderful things about that book! I need to start reading again too. I used to read all the time before I had Gracie. I know what you mean about itty bitty babies! Gracie was 5 1/2 pounds when she was born, but even when I hold a newborn 8 pound baby, I can't remember her being that small. SO sad!

Brittney Galloway said...

Ahhh! So glad you got the costume! I actually had a dream the other day that we went costume shopping for E because the package didn't come in time :)

Allison said...

I just started reading again, I will have to pick that one up. I just read the newest Emily Griffin book Where We Belong. It was such an easy read and it was really good. :)

Natalie said...

Redeeming Love is one of the best books I've ever read! I couldn't put it down either! I think I finished it in just a few days even though it was so long :)
Sophia is soooo cute!

Mateya said...

I've heard that is a great book, I really need to read it!

Can't wait to see what E is going to be for Halloween!!! :)

Kit said...

I cant wait to see what that costume is...I know that Emerson is going to be cute, what ever it is ;)

jessica sisson said...

Redeeming Love is my FAVORITE too! Love that book!! Did you ever read that big long series by Karen Kingsbury? The first one is Redemption and there is like 18 books. They are amazinggggggg! :) Miss you!

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