Must Dos Before Baby #2

You may remember this post a few months ago when I talked about my little case of baby fever. Well it definitely hasn't gone anywhere even though, at times, the thought of having two littles one to take care of absolutely terrifies me. Over the last few weeks we have had at least 3 different people ask us when we are going to have another baby. But the truth is, we still haven't exactly decided when we should add baby #2 to our little family.

There are some days where I'm ready for another baby, pronto!  It seems like almost every one I know with a baby E's age or younger is pregnant with their second and I love the idea of having siblings close in age. 

Then there are other days where I just treasure all of the one on one time I have with my sweet girl. She's at this amazing stage where we have so much fun together and I love the routine we have going.

I'm also terrified of the all day sickness I had with E. It lasted almost 4.5 months and I'm afraid I won't be able to take care of her if I'm as sick as I was last time.

In the end, we know that we can only plan so much and that it will be in God's perfect timing. I have been praying like crazy for Him to let us know when/if we should add another baby to the family. I have also asked that He give me peace about the whole thing. I am such a planner/worrier that I often over analyze everything. :) 

In the meantime, I have a few things I'd *like* to accomplish before (God willing) getting pregnant with baby #2. (I started this list about 6 months ago so some of it has been accomplished already!) 

-Get in the best shape of my life.  Ok, so I haven't actually decided how I'm going to go about doing this but I do know that I want to be really fit and healthy before I get pregnant again. I think it will just make the whole pregnancy and post partum weight loss much easier.

-Complete a half marathon (If all goes well that will be crossed off this Friday!)

-Move back to the States and get settled in.

-Decorate our house and make it feel like HOME.

-Create Emerson's toddler room (I can't even believe I'm saying that considering I just finished her nursery a year ago!)

-Organize, organize, ORGANIZE- I really need to do this in every aspect of my life!

-Set up a playroom in our new home. (Ok this is contingent on whether or not we have the extra room for one.)

-Complete as many items as we can off of the Toddler Time Bucket List we created based on this one. (Look for it on the blog soon.)

-Join and get involved in a church.

-Start selling embroidery projects on the side. (Maybe just a few a week- more for fun than profit.)

-Get into a regular date night routine. 

-Take Emerson on a vacation (Done!)

-Start the transition to a toddler bed (Sometime after E is 2, most likely.)

-Potty Train Emerson- This might make having two little ones a little bit easier.

-Spend LOTS of quality time with my sweet girl and savor every second of it. These days are flying by in the blink of an eye!

What else do I need to add to my list? Is there anything I can do now that will make the transition easier when the time comes?

Beth Ann said...

I don't think there's any "right time." I also am not sure any amount of planning or doing will help prepare you...other than prayer of course. ;) Now that you've said what you'd like to do and your plans...be careful...God's probably laughing. ;) At least that's been my experience. You're an adaptable person- you would adjust and everything would be just fine if you were pregnant tomorrow. :) I'd be scared of the sickness thing, too...but maybe it will be different this time. If not, you're tough. You might be surprised at what a distraction from it E is- not as much time and energy to focus on feeling sick. Good luck! It will all work out! Put it in God's hands.

Anna & Kirby said...

I love when you talk about #2 ;) And...half marathon! What? I didn't know this! Good luck!

Paula Lynch said...

Looking forward to #2. Will be so happy when you all are closer. Love you.

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

Great list! I have several of these on my list also and I better get to work because I only have about 2 1/2 months left! I think organizing would help me the most. That and potty training which we start this week so wish me luck!

Jessica K said...

Your bucket list looks great! I have such bad baby fever also, but we are waiting just a little bit longer so that we can be more financially stable. I really want to be a stay at home mom and if I wait just a little bit longer, my dream may come true. Good luck with your marathon on Friday!!

Rebekah said...

I will be so excited about the possibility of baby #2!! Girl, you're going to rock that half!

Natalie said...

Nope there is never a perfect time b/c every time has its advantages and disadvantages. Leaving it in God's hands is the right way to do it :)

Katie said...

I personally can't wait till you add another little one to your precious family! haha but I guess it's not my decision:) Leaving it up to God is always the perfect way. Your list sounds awesome and I honestly wish I would have done many of those things before now. Good thinking momma!

Callie Nicole said...

I love seeing pre-baby lists! You'll need to post an update again in a few months. :-)

Lyndsey said...

I am so with you on the organize, organize, organize! I think I'm more frightened by the thought of having two kids worth of "stuff" to deal with than I am about the actual kids ha! And I would like to start adding in more date nights, it's just hard to do!

Megan said...

Love this list!! We had a similar list before getting pregnant with baby number one. We got some things done and some things not done. But we were SO ready. Couldn't wait any longer! Haha.

Michelle said...

I think this is a great list! Good luck in figuring out when the "right" time is - it's a decision we are already struggling with, although I know it will be at least another year, God-willing.

Erica {A Sooner Sweetheart} said...

I love this post. Those a actually some really go goals to have before baby #2. I hear that is one of the hard decisions to make is when you go from one child to two children. When the time is right you will know.

Carissa said...

Oh my goodness so much I could tell you!! Having 2 is so much fun but sooo exhausting!! I'm like you, I was sick with my second and my little girl grew closer to her daddy since I didn't feel good which actually worked for us. I guess if I could tell you anything it's to enjoy every single minute with just one cause it all changes!! It's not often I have just one on one time with them but it's nice to have those moments!! I tried potty training before number 2, and it didn't work so when number 2 was born it was even harder to train and change an infant but it all worked out! I so agree with everyone else, there's no "right" time. Just when you think you're ready! Good luck, I'm excited to go through this via your blog!

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