Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving weekend was perfect! We already have so much to be thankful for and then on Wednesday we got some amazing news (No- E is not going to be a big sister) and it made Thanksgiving that much more special. We are so, so blessed and I can't wait to share in the next few days. :)

So, onto our Thanksgiving recap:
Last year we hosted Thanksgiving for the Marines at our house. So this year when another Marine family offered to host, I was more than happy to oblige! It's not that I don't enjoy hosting, but I knew I would be so much more relaxed and I was!

Jesse smoked a turkey and I made a few side dishes (corn casserole, green bean casserole) and I bought a dessert. Yep, I took the easy way out this year. But our hosts, on the other hand, didn't. They made THE most amazing food. I honestly could NOT stop eating! We had stuffing, mashed potatoes, twice baked potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin and pecan pie. Even Emerson said "mmm" after every bite!

They live downtown in a 15th story apartment overlooking the beach. The view was amazing and Emerson had such a fun time checking out their apartment. We had about 20 people so it was a nice sized crowd but still small enough so that it wasn't over crowded.



After we ate and relaxed for a bit, my friend and I took Emerson to the park near their house. Of course my camera died right when we got there but she had a great time. We met some fellow Americans there, which is always a nice treat.

It was just such a lovely day spent with wonderful people. I don't think we could have asked for a better day.

The day after Thanksgiving we took Emerson to have 18 month photos done. She hasn't had any professional photos taken she was 6 months old so I thought it was a good time. We used the same photographer that we used last November but this time she did all of the photos in her studio. I have to admit that I was a little nervous going in because Emerson has been hard to photograph lately. She has zero patience for sitting still. But luckily the session went great! I brought 4 outfits with the hopes of getting at least 2 of them in and we were able to get all 4. I've seen 2 sneak peaks so far and I LOVE them. I can't wait to see the rest. Of course I'll post them here when I have the disc. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks or so.

That afternoon we got all of our Christmas decor and set up the Christmas tree. Emerson was so excited! I can already tell that Christmas is going to be such a blast this year!




I was a little bit worried about Emerson messing with the tree but she has done surprisingly well. She does like to touch the ornaments but she does it very gently, which is a good thing!

We spent a little bit of time outside and E commandeered the neighbors little scooter. She loves it and does really well at pushing it around with her feet.

On Saturday night we introduced E to her first Christmas movie, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. She loved it! We didn't finish the whole thing but she was mesmerized with the part she saw.
I think we're going to try to make that our weekend tradition throughout December. It is so much fun sharing all of these things with E and seeing it with a whole new point of view. I just can't wait for Christmas...

Emily Powell said...

Experiencing holidays through their eyes is the best part!

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

I love your tree, I can't wait to get our all decorated and fluffy! I also cannot wait to see E's pics, I'm sure they'll be gorgeous!

Beth Ann said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! I love that pic of E looking out the window! Also love her red and blue dress and your tree looks great! I can't wait to get ours up but have no idea how we will keep H out of it!

Natalie said...

Aww can't wait to see the photos...it's always hit and miss with the toddlers getting pics so glad yours went well and that you had a great Turkey Day!

Lyndsey said...

Glad y'all had such a fun Thanksgiving! I can't wait to hear your good news :)

Did you make her dresses? They are so cute!!

And I agree, Christmas is going to be so fun this year!

Paula Lynch said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. E looks so cute in her turkey dress. Your tree looks so good. E is in a trance watching TV. Christmas will be fun. Love you.

Mandy said...

It sounds like you guys had the perfect weekend!! Love the pics from Thanksgiving! You guys all look wonderful as always! :) Your tree is beautiful! I have to admit that I teared up when I saw Oscar's ornament in that 1st pic. :( Sweet boy. I can't wait to show AE her 1st Christmas movie of the season in a few days!!

Megan said...

Your posts like this make me SO SO anxious to meet our little girl!! I love her dresses!

ajs {of MN} said...

your tree is so pretty!

i cant wait to hear the big news! :D

allie-mac-fallie said...

AWE! Yall are so cute! I just love her monogramed dress and the turkey outfit ;)

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