Zoo Day

I wanted to do something special for Emerson's 18 month birthday so I decided to take her to the local zoo. When we first went last year, we saw that it was pretty much a petting zoo with a few wild animals thrown in.

However, since then they have done major renovations and it has changed so much! Most of the animal enclosures are much nicer and the whole setup is much better.

We started by checking out the safari animals. We were able to get up close and personal with the giraffes.
But I have to admit that Emerson was more interested in the misters they had along the walkways. She kept saying, "rain" and holding her hands up in the air.

We walked through the snake exhibit and one of the workers had a snake out for the kids to touch. As soon as E saw it she started saying no and hiding behind my legs. How does she know snakes are scary!?
We stopped by and visited the same llama that we chatted with last year.
The llama looked exactly the same but E sure didn't!

And we gobbled right on by the turkeys.
The meerkats were running around and having a blast. They are the.cutest.things.ever.
We stopped for a water break and then I let E ride the little safari ride.

She loved every second of it until I made her get off. Haha!
And then as we were heading towards the exit we spotted the baby goats. Emerson was obsessed with them when they were in the cage but then they took one out for her to pet and she wouldn't touch the thing.
But then they offered to let her feed it milk from a bottle.

And that was enough to make my whole year. I mean, really, is this not the sweetest thing you have ever seen?
After that, she had a new best friend!

And since she was so good at it, they let her do one more.

All in all I have to say that it was the perfect way to spend Emerson's special day. And now that we know how much fun it is, we will definitely be going back!

April said...

Too cute! That outfit and those colors look so good on her sweet self!

Brittney Galloway said...

YAY! They have made it so much nicer! I've been wanting to take Grace back during the day sometime soon!

Beth Ann said...

Dying over E feeding the goat that bottle. SO STINKING CUTE!!!! Sweetest thing ever!!! Little mommy!

Paige said...

Great pics! So cute. Looks like she really enjoyed bottle feeding the baby goat!

Paula Lynch said...

Mimi totally agrees with her on the snake thing. She is so cute feeding the goat. I am glad she had a fun 1/2 b-day. Love you.

Joeylee said...

So fun. Love the pics of her feeding the goat

LWLH said...

What a fun day, love the pics :)

Emily Powell said...

oh my gosh! she fed a goat! that is precious!

Mandy said...

A-DORABLE!!!!!! Love the pic of her feeding that little goat! She looks so proud!! :) Happy 1/2 bday sweet Eme!!

Megan said...

So adorable!! I cant believe she is 18 months old!!

ajs {of MN} said...

OH MY GOSH, feeding that baby goat is the CUTEST thing!!! how fun and again so so cute!

Lyndsey said...

Oh my gosh, the goat pictures are beyond adorable! What a cute sneak peak you got of her as a big sister :)

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