A Life Update {In iPhone pictures}

-After the tragedy that occurred on Friday I was reminded just how small my "problems" really are.  I haven't really said anything about it on social media and I think it's mainly because at I am just at a loss for words. All I can think about is those parents and their absolute heartbreak and devastation.  They have been and will continue to be in my prayers.

-We had a pretty laid back weekend. Besides going to our neighbors' house for a barbecue, we didn't really do a whole lot. It was nice to relax and just hang out.

-I have been in full on clean/organize/purge mode. I've already put together several boxes of stuff to donate/sell and it feels so good! Believe it or not, I have already filled all of the bins I bought at Ikea on my birthday. All of Emerson's outgrown toys are packed up and organized by age to make room for her Christmas gifts. My craft room is almost finished. I can actually walk in there now without worrying about tripping over something or stepping on a straight pin.

-Today was grocery day and Emerson was an absolute angel at the store. But only because I let her watch Elmo on my iPhone. I know. I know. It's terrible. But it's the only way I can get her to stay seated in the cart. My homemade seatbelt just isn't cutting it anymore.

And of course, a random post wouldn't be complete without some random iPhone/Instagram pictures. So here they are in no particular order:

-Emerson has become a pro at babywearing. I fashioned a faux Moby wrap out of my scarf one day and she wore her baby all over the neighborhood. (With her cell phone in hand)
 This girl can't get enough of books. The teacher/bookworm in me LOVES it!

-When we get home from the store E loves to help me put the groceries away. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
-I put cinnamon in our taco soup last week. I guess that's what I get for putting them in containers that look the same. Luckily I barely put any so we were still able to eat it.
- Emerson has become such a great helper in the kitchen. Her favorite activity is spinning the salad.
-We ventured over to the park across the street twice last week. Once in the jogging stroller and once in the Ergo carrier. Both methods worked well so I'm sure we'll have a repeat this week.

-We're doing anything and everything we can to make it feel more Christmas-y around here. Yesterday we had Christmas tree shaped PB&J for lunch. Emerson couldn't eat it fast enough.
-Pretty much 95 percent of my phone pictures are blurry these days. But I still keep them and post them because I think they give a glimpse of what life is really like with our wild girl. She is constantly making me laugh with her silliness and sweet personality. Yesterday she was being so silly and kissing everything while sitting in my lap. I told her to kiss her foot. Of course I was just joking but she promptly brought her foot up to her face and gave it a big ol' kiss. She thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Megan said...

Love that she's a little book worm! I love childrens' books, too, and I've already started collecting some cute Australian childrens' books (nevermind that I don't have kids yet...). Are there any unique childrens' books you've come across in your travels?

Beth Ann said...

I do not think Elmo watching is terrible at all! Ya do what ya gotta do! ;) Ergo baby makes adorable little doll carriers for little kids and they come in a few different patterns. I think they're $25. So cute that she likes baby wearing! :)

Stephanie said...

Mason helps me put away groceries, too! Of course, non-refrigerated items end up in the refrigerator. Oh well! I think the cumin/cinnamon happens to everyone. Nick had cinnamon tacos one night. Ooops!

Emily Powell said...

G helps with the groceries too. She takes them out of the bag and we put them away...it makes her crack up! Love random posts.

Lindsay Antenucci said...

i love the photo of her carrying the baby in the 'ergo' cutest thing ever!!! :)

J and A said...

You guys have so much fun!!! Love all the photos! :)

luvbnmom said...

How fun! Noah has a little bit of a foot fetish as well.......his own that is. Thank goodness for winter and socks, he forgets about them when he has socks on. Love the baby carrier, she is the smallest little momma I have ever seen.

Brittney Galloway said...

haha, too funny! E sounds like she is growing and changing so much!

Carissa said...

I do the Elmo on the iPhone too! Hey we gotta do what we gotta do!!

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