Christmas Crafting '12

It seems like I never post about my Christmas crafts until after Christmas. Oh well! Better late than never.

This year, crafting with Emerson was so much fun even if it was super messy. We started our crafting with some handprint and footprint art. Getting Emerson's hand and feet painted and put on paper was even more challenging this year than it was last year. She absolutely hates being dirty and was yelling "dirty" the whole time I was painting her feet and hands. She also ended up with more paint all over the rest of her body than she did on her hands and feet. 

But it was worth it because I think our crafts turned out so cute. Thank you, Pinterest, for all of the great ideas! :)

Our next project was salt dough ornaments. I knew I wanted to make these again this year because I absolutely treasure the ones with tiny hands and feet from last year.

Unfortunately our first attempt was a major fail. I tried 3 different recipes and all of them ended up really sticky. I finally realized that I was using sea salt instead of table salt. 

I had to put off our ornaments for a few days until I made it to the store to get regular salt. But once I did we whipped those little ornaments up in no time. They really are one of the easiest projects and there are just so many possibilities.

We made two Christmas trees with E's fingerprints. I let her paint one of them and she loved it!

She is so proud of the finished result and shows everyone that comes over.
I used green food coloring on mine and then painted in her fingerprint lights.
I also had to do the famous handprint Santa. Emerson was really fighting me on putting her hands in the dough. I think she was screaming at the top of her lungs when we did this Santa but once we finished it and I painted it, she was in love.
I printed out a picture of our sweet girl and modpodged it to this little mitten. Our printer is running out of ink so the color is a little off but I still think it is adorable.
We also made and painted an E, Emerson's foot, some candy canes, and few small Christmas trees. It was so much crafting with my baby girl this year. I can only imagine how much fun it will be next year!

And I can't write a Christmas craft post without sharing the outfits I made for Emerson. I had big plans to make so many cute things but time just flew by and I only made 4 things this year. 

This ornament shirt is one of my favorites. 
And it looked adorable with the ruffled pants I made. I could write a whole post about what a fiasco the pants making was. They are far, far from perfect but they were wearable so I was happy!
I also made this Santa shirt and it paired perfectly with her red skirt and babylegs. I think it would have looked even better on a red shirt because his beard blended in, but white was all I had.
I was determined to make a Christmas pillowcase dress using the ticking fabric I bought last year. I knew I wanted something that would match Emerson's pink, green and red bow. It turned out really cute but I messed it up by putting the appliqué way too low. It still looked cute but it would have been so much cuter if the appliqué was up on her chest instead of her stomach. Oh well- lesson learned! And at least it matched hew bow! :)

So, those are our crafts for this year. I love that we are starting a little collection. It will be so much fun to pull them out each year and reminisce. 

Erin said...

These crafts are so cute!! Love the ornaments y'all made! For whatever reason those intimidate me, but perhaps I'll have to make us some this week for next year :)

LWLH said...

These are too cute!
So messy but so fun!

Jessica K said...

Love all the crafts you and Emerson did this holiday season! Question, what kind of an embroidery machine did you get? I'm really looking into getting one in the near future. :)

Rebekah said...

These are so cute! How fun that you'll have those ornaments to show her as she grows up.

Joeylee said...

Loving all the crafts and her adorable outfits

Emily Powell said...

so jealous of your sewing skills!

Mallorie said...

I was a MAJOR Christmas craft slacker...I might do some in January and just pack them up with Christmas stuff to put out next year ;-)

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