We're Gonna Miss This

Back in October I wrote this post about all the things I'm looking forward to when we get to the States. Just re-reading through that list got me even more excited!! We're almost to the single digits, baby!!

But thinking about what I'm looking forward to also reminded me of some of the great things we are going to miss about this place. And I guess it just wouldn't be fair to completely leave those out! So, here they are in no particular order:

-our neighborhood/compound: I absolutely LOVE where we live. It's small, everyone is friendly, and the kids can play safely outside. We have a little playground, a pool, and a gym all within steps of our front door. If I could pick up this place and move it with us, I totally would!

-our villa:  Even though I didn't really do a lot to make it feel like home, I have enjoyed living here. We have so much room (4 bedrooms/3 baths), tons of storage space, and it's nice and modern. I don't think I appreciated it enough until I started looking at what we can afford in California! :)

-our amazing neighbors: Seriously I can't say enough about how much I love our neighbors. (I feel like we've always lucked out in that department :(Magui, Kate, and Carol!!!) Anyway- they all adore Emerson and treat her like she's one of their own.

-our friends: Our best friends here are also our neighbors so I mean it when I say we lucked out.
We just love their family and Emerson is absolutely crazy about them and their kids. As soon as she walks out the front door she immediately starts running over to their house and yelling "Reff!"  (Jeff)

We will also miss Brittney, Grace, and Sophia so very much. It's hard to believe that we met though blogging because Brittney is definitely one of my favorite people here! And Emerson is just crazy about Grace. I hope that we can get them together again the future.

-how much people love kids: Seriously, the people here just love babies and children. They have always fawned over Emerson and treated her so well. Even though it could be a bit overwhelming at times I still find it so neat. I love that the guy at Tim Horton's gives Emerson a donut hole every time we stop by for coffee and the ladies at the grocery store stop and chat with E.

-the "winter" weather: The weather is seriously gorgeous this time of year. Luckily it's pretty similar to the weather in San Diego so I won't have to miss it for long. (And YAY for never going through a miserable Middle East summer again!!)

-Emerson's nursery- I have so many happy memories of our time spent together in that nursery (and in this house) I know I will always remember this place as the home where E spent her first (almost) two years of life. And even though we have all of the furniture and decor from her nursery and I could technically recreate it, I know it won't be quite the same

-not pumping gas- every gas pump here is full service. It's so nice to be able to drive right up and have someone else pump your gas for you! I will definitely miss that!

-food delivery- I know this sounds silly but I love that every restaurant delivers here. I can't tell you how many times we've had Subway or Charley's delivered. We can even order online from most places. Talk about convenient!

-Jesse's job- Although there are some aspects of the job that Jesse will not miss, I think he has enjoyed it overall. It's been totally different than anything he's done in the Marine Corps and he's gained a lot of good experience. We will definitely miss some of the perks that have come along with it.

And honestly, I think that's about it. As you can see it's definitely more about the people than it is the place! We're so thankful for everything we've gained in our time here and I know that we will always look back at this time fondly. And I think one we'll be able to laugh at all of the little inconveniences that annoyed us to death while we were here.

Until then, we'll try to enjoy these last few days with the special people we've met because we will be outta here before we know it!!

Megan said...

What a neat idea to compare both what you're looking forward to and what you'll miss.

Just out of curiousity, was Emerson born there?

Jen said...

I just wanted to say safe travels! My husband and I are getting ready to head stateside as well from his post in Africa. We're headed to Ft. Lewis and although I'm happy to be going back to the states we are going to miss the little things about it here! All the best!

Beth Ann said...

Awww, definitely things you will miss! If Subway delivered here, I would probably have it every day! Haha. Love the donut hole story. I'm sure all of your friends there are going to miss you guys like crazy. I'm excited to follow along as you move and settle into a new home!

Emily said...

Love your list! Great reflecting. I am sure that the things you love you'll be able to deal with, it's missing the people that will be the hardest. Good luck on your move and just keep remembering all the good things about being back in the states!!

Mandy said...

Enjoy the end of this chapter in y'alls lives! I know your friends over there are going to miss you guys terribly...tell them I know how they feel! Selfishly though, I can't wait until you are back in the States!!!

ajs {of MN} said...

im so excited for you guys and your move! :D

Mateya said...

Subway delivery?! Why hasn't the US caught on to this? :)

I definitely think it would be hard to leave the things you are so used to, but just look forward to the great things to come back here in the US!

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