Trendy Tots: These Boots Are Made For Walking

I was so excited when Megan announced the Trendy Tots link-up. It's no secret that I love dressing Emerson and I'm sure most of you have noticed that she is way better dressed than her Momma. Since we have been a warm climate for so long, Emerson has almost always worn dresses and other summery attire. I just love seeing her in pretty little dresses and they will always be my number one choice for her. But now that we are back in the cold, I have also adored all of the precious clothes that are made for colder weather.

My favorite looks over the last few weeks have included sweaters, lots of layers, skinny jeans, and BOOTS. I just think there is nothing cuter than a little toddler in boots.

 Outfit One (As featured on E's Valentine card)

(Sweater and jeggings from Old navy, boots from Payless)
Outfit Two:

(dress from boutique in Abu Dhabi, boots from Payless)
Outfit Three:

(tunic from Kohls, jeggings from Old Navy, boots from Target)

As you can see, Emerson has worn boots just about every day that we have been here! (Momma's been getting a lot of boot wear too!) LOVE it!

And while I've already done quite a bit of shopping for sweet E, there are so many cute things out there- I want to buy it ALL! My current favorite is Old Navy. Their jeans fit Emerson so well and I just love all of the cute stuff they have right now. Here is one outfit I'm eying:

Aren't the mini skinnies just precious? Eeek! I can totally picture E running around in them. Now if anyone has an Old Navy gift card just lying around feel free to send it my way! :)

Sarah said...

She's such a fashionista!

The Mrs. said...

So sweet! Can you just box those up when she grows out of them and I'll paypal ya!! Can't wait for our little one to arrive so I can see her "fashion sense"!!!

ajs {of MN} said...

she looks so much like you in that first cowgirl boot pic on the horse! and old navy skinnys are the best!!!

Kelli Kegley said...

Oh my word.are those mini skinnies and little sandals for real?!?!. This is why I cannot ever have a girl! I'd be broke!!!!

Shawna said...

Stopping by from the link up...those last shoes are to die for cute! I need to go check them out :-)

Megan said...

I LOVE the way you dress E and it is the same way in our house, Liv is ALWAYS better dressed then me to!! Haha those boots from Target are adorable!!!!! Baby shoes and target are my weakness!!!!!! Haha Thanks for linking up!!! :)

Natalie said...

Oooh look at that stylish girl!

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