So Close to Two

Yesterday our sweet girl turned 22 months old. She is *this* close to two.  And oh boy is she at such a fun stage. She constantly has us laughing and we are amazed at everything she says and does. I know it's so cliche, but there are times that I feel like my heart could just burst with love for this little girl. I didn't do a monthly post last month so I feel like there's a lot to catch up on and so much to remember. I know that every parent says this, but I think she is just the smartest, sweetest, and cutest little thing ever.

Here are a few notable things about Emerson at 22 months:

Weight: 27 lbs
Height: 34 inches
Clothing Sizes: 2t, Size 6.5-7 shoe

-Our girl LOVES to talk. Honestly she never stops. She has started stringing together 4-6 word sentences and it seriously amazes me. She is now at the point where she will remember the name of something or someone after being told once or twice.

Some of her favorite things to say:

-Where is Daddy/Mommy (or whatever she is looking for)

-I don't know where is it. (Instead of where it is)

-I love you Mommy (or Daddy)

-I'm cute (while twirling around and "modeling")

-I want Barbie phone (or whatever else she wants)

-No, I don't like it. (I can't tell you how many times a day we hear this. It's her new favorite phrase!)

-Excuse you (She says this when someone is going past us in the store. Such.a.mess!)

-I want to cuddle.

-She loves to say hi and bye and is good at remember people's names. She will also say bye to everything when we are leaving the house. 

-Answers questions with please. If I ask her if she wants a snack and she does, she'll say please instead of yes. I think it's so cute.

-Says thank you and you're welcome without prompting

-Uses descriptive words for items (yellow duck, big car, pretty necklace, etc)

Other random things about E:

-Loves to climb, swing, dance, sing, play with baby dolls and Barbie.

-Has gotten really good at pretend play. This morning she put two blocks together in the shape of a cone and told me she was eating ice cream. She has also started to pretend to cook in her kitchen. She loves to bring me pancakes and soup.

-She can identify the uppercase letters of the alphabet and their sounds, most colors, most shapes, count to 13 (rotely- and about 3-4 objects)

-Loves to sing. 

-Is obsessed with the alphabet. She points out letters everywhere we go and even sees them abstractly. A few days ago she told me that the gutters on the house across the street made a J.

-Does NOT like to sit in the grocery cart or stroller. She will usually last about 25 minutes before she is ready to get out. It can make shopping tricky but usually if I have snack she will sit a little bit longer.

-We tried making the transition to her toddler bed but that was a no go. She laid down on it but as soon as we tucked her in she started screaming and kept saying over and over,  " NO! I don't like it!" So we set the Pack N Play back up and every night at bedtime we ask her where she wants to sleep. She always goes over to the Pack N Play and says "I want this one." I'm hoping that a side rail will help her feel more secure but I haven't tried it yet.
-During our big move we put potty training on hold. Since moving we have slowly started transitioning back to using potty. It's not full time but I try to get her to go 3 times a day. Sometimes we're successful but sometimes she'll get tired of sitting and start saying"diaper" until I put her diaper back on her. I'm thinking in the next month or two still start getting a bit more consistent with it.
-Her favorite thing to do is in the morning is to come lay down in our bed and snuggle. We usually do this for 10-15 minutes before getting up and having breakfast. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

- I can't believe how long her hair is getting. It looks precious in pigtails or a baby ponytail!
-She is getting a little too confident on the stairs. She had her first big fall last week when she lost her balance at the top of the stairs and did a forward roll right down them. She didn't really cry but I about lost it. Thank goodness her only injury was a slightly bruised cheek.
-She just loves to color and asks to do it at least 5 times a day. She definitely prefers markers over crayons so our table is constantly covered with newspaper!

-Enjoys puzzles and games. I recently pulled out some of my lower level file folder games and she has enjoyed playing with them.
-Sleeps with her doggy, her baby, two light blankets, a pillow, and her Barbie phone. Last month it was a kid's calculator instead of the Barbie phone.
-Her favorite character right now it Tinkerbell. She calls her Bebell and requests to watch it every day.

-She absolutely loves to be outside. She especially loves to swing and swim.

-Her favorite foods are pancakes and corn on the cob. 
-She loves to be my big helper and go with me to get the mail. She finds our mailbox, turns the key and gets the mail out to carry home.

I know there are so many things I'm leaving out but I hope this will help me remember what E is like at this age. She is just too much fun and I don't want to forget second of it!

Natalie said...

I just love her!!! what a smart girl! the "excuse you"'to strangers totally cracked me up, ha!! :)

Emily Powell said...

So smart! Georgia's sentences amaze me as well. It's usually, "I don't want to". Amazed that it's a sentence but she says it a MILLION times a day!

Joeylee said...

such a smart girl. I cant believe she's almost 2. They grow up way to fast.

Beth Ann said...

She is such a doll! "Excuse you" is my favorite! Haha! And "I want to cuddle." Who doesn't want to hear that?!

Lyndsey said...

Liam says please instead of yes too! I don't think I've ever heard him say yes on his own, it's always no or please! I think it is the cutest thing EVER!! What a funny quirk they both have! And she is looking WAY too big in all of these pictures, big sister time I think ;)

Erin said...

Happy 22 months!! This is such a fun age!! I've loved these last couple months leading up to Jackson's second birthday :)

Sarah said...

I too love this age. Aubrey's 25 months old and it's just getting more and MORE fun! You are going to have a blast! E's doing a lot of the same things that Aubrey is going.

I love that she says, I want to cuddle... Melting heart! Love it.

Mandy said...

Can't believe my sweet E is about to be 2!! This age is definitely SO much fun!! Enjoy every second of it sweet friend! I love reading about her since we can't see you guys all the time. Give her a kiss from Aunt Mandy!!

Tammy said...

This age is just SO much fun!! Morgan says "Excuse you" too, usually to me while I'm in her way, haha! They are just SO darn smart! I am still too chicken to let Morgan go down our big flight of stairs alone, and usually in a hurry so I carry her way too much. Oops.

ajs {of MN} said...

i just love her! almost twooo, howwwwww!?

Natalie said...

They seem like their own little people at 2 don't they? Love this age...so much growing and learning!

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