So What?

So What Wednesday

Today I'm saying so what if:

I put on my workout clothes this morning with the full intention of working out, but made coffee and sat on the couch with my laptop instead.

I slept with half the lights in the house on last night. Jesse had duty so it was the first night E and I have been alone in our new place.

I spend more time pinning ideas for house projects/organization than actually doing them.

I have major writer's block when it comes to blogging. I guess I need some inspiration...

I have a spring/summer wish list that is a mile long. We have so many great stores around us and I am having a hard time staying out of them! ;)

I haven't used my embroidery machine in two weeks. All of my good fabric is in our shipment from Abu Dhabi and I'm about to go crazy waiting for it.

I get SO excited when we take E to do new things. Just seeing the absolute joy in her face is enough to bring me happiness to last a lifetime.

Paula Lynch said...

That crinkled nose gummy smile is too cute. So glad she is getting to have so many experiences.

~Dawn~ said...

Her smile is the BEST!

Emily Powell said...

yeah! SO WHAT!!!

Lyndsey said...

I love her big toothy smile! And I love seeing all the fun new things y'all have been doing with E! It's been giving me some good ideas for stuff for our family to do so keep it up!

allie-mac-fallie said...

Y'all are too adorable !!

BeckyJo606 said...

I swear we will always have a dog so I feel safe when Rob isn't home--even if it's during the daytime. ;) I think putting on workout clothes is the first stp towards working out--not bad! :)

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