4 Day Weekends Rock

Jesse had Friday and Monday off so it was an especially good weekend! It's funny how we have some weekends when we hardly do anything and then there are others where it seems like we are constantly on the go. This weekend was definitely the latter.

On Friday Jesse went to play golf with his buddies. It's the first time he's played in quite a while so he was pretty happy to get out on the course. That night we went to eat at our favorite barbecue place. I love it so much that I seriously want to eat there at least once a week. It's sooo yummy!

Saturday was a great day because we headed down to Temecula, where two of my very favorite places are located.

The first is Rosa's Cafe. This place originated in our hometown and is probably one of my favorite places to eat in the whole world. Crazily enough there is only one located outside of Texas and it just happens to be in Southern California. When we walked in I immediately felt like we were back at home.
Our next stop was the crafting mecca, Hobby Lobby. Since it's quite a drive from us, I decided to go ahead and stock up on fabric. I looked like a huge dork taking 30 bolts of fabric to the counter and I may have gotten the evil eye from the person doing the cutting, but I didn't care!

Our afternoon was spent at a two year old's birthday party. Emerson had a blast swimming in their little pool. That girl has NO fear.

On Sunday we made a trip to Lowe's to get some supplies for our back patio. We're trying to fix it up a little bit and make it more comfortable so that we will actually use it. Pictures to come soon!

The afternoon was spent in the pool. It's still freezing to me but she doesn't seem to mind one bit.

Monday was spent relaxing, working on embroidery projects, and playing with our sweet girl. 

This has to be one of my favorite projects yet:

On Monday night my sweet friend Jamie invited us to Behihana to celebrate her hubby's birthday. I was worried how Emerson would do sitting that long but she did great. She was entertained by the show part of the time but we also had to supplement with Mickey a few times! :)

And that was our weekend in a nutshell. Even though it was a long weekend it went by way too fast. Seriously, where are the days going?!?

April said...

We had a busy and fun weekend too! Love that little shirt with the jellyfish. So original!

BeckyJo606 said...

I love the shirt you created! So pretty! Your weekend sounds like it was amazing. :)

Paula Lynch said...

Fun weekend. E is such a little water girl. Can't wait to try out the BBQ place.

The Howell's said...

SHUT the front door! A Rosa's in Southern Cali? This Texas gal LOVES Rosa's. :)

Rachel and John said...

What a lovely weekend! Love your dress in the last 2 photos. Where is it from?

ajs {of MN} said...

fun and busy weekend! :)

Lauren said...

Darn! I looked up Rosa's to see if one was near us before I read the next sentence. I'm dying for some good Mexican food! Miss you guys! Kieran just said she misses Emerson. :)

Amber said...

Looks like a fun and busy weekend for sure! That little pink pool is so cute. We have one that is green but if they would have had pink we sure would have gotten the girly one-haha!

Joeylee said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I love that jelly fish shirt. We are headed to the beach this weekend and will be visiting the aquarium that shirt would have been perfect!

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

Sounds like a great and busy weekend!! I love your blue dress!

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