Baby # 2 Week 4-10

Since there's not a whole lot to report those first few weeks, I didn't want to dedicate an entire post to each week. I did, however, want to document a few things just so I won't forget.

-The nausea showed up loud and clear the day I turned 6 weeks. From that day on it just got worse and worse and eventually turned into all day nausea and more vomiting than I care to elaborate on. By the end of my 7th week I was miserable and could barely get out of bed. I don't remember it being that bad with Emerson but I do have to say that Jesse was a complete rock star and basically kept her entertained the whole weekend while I laid on the couch and wanted to cry.

-Luckily at my first appointment (7 weeks, 5 days) my doctor prescribed an anti-nausea medication. It was a lifesaver and I immediately felt like a whole new person. Unfortunately it's effectiveness seemed to wane as I got farther along. It does take the edge off of the nausea a little bit but I am not going to lie: the sickness has been REALLY rough on me this time around. If I'm not throwing up, I feel like I'm going to 24/7. 

-The bloat also set in around week 6 and by the end of the day I felt like I looked about 15 weeks pregnant. I have a feeling I won't be hiding this pregnancy very long.

Aversions: Everything!! It's really funny because all of the things that I usually LOVE sound disgusting to me right now. Here are just a few: coffee, chicken,  most vegetables, anything spicy

Cravings: I don't really remember having any cravings with Emerson but I have had one super strong one since 6 weeks: hamburgers. This is crazy because I very rarely eat hamburgers. 

Sleep: I have never been so tired in my life. As much as I've tried to avoid it, I've napped almost daily since about 5.5 weeks. I usually avoid naps like the plague because I hate how I feel when I wake up and I hate not having that time to get stuff done. But every day when Emerson lays down for her nap I feel like I just can't keep my eyes open. Needless to say, I feel like my productivity has gone way down but at least I'm getting plenty of rest. The extreme fatigue seemed to calm down around week 10 and I was so thankful!

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