2 Years, 3 Months, and a Whole Lot of Sass

Emerson has grown and changed so much since her birthday, I thought it was about time to to do a little update on her. I also wanted to share the pictures that Jamie took during our family portrait session. 

I will never get tired of this sweet smile!

-She is still super sweet and lovable. She loves to give hugs and kisses and always tells us that she loves us so much or loves us with all her heart.

-She loves music and always requests kid music when we get in the car.

-She is genuinely happy 95 percent of the time. Her smile lights up the room and you can tell when she is truly excited because her nose is scrunched up all the way.

-She loves to dance. She is still doing dance class but we haven't been in the last three weeks. I know she will be excited to go back next week.

-She went through a little phase of what I like to call the super terrible twos. This was about the time that Jesse left and seemed to last until about last week so I don't know if his being gone had anything to do with it. But there were days that I just didn't even recognize her. She was so grumpy and mean and our days were full of the worst tantrums. I would cry just wondering where my sweet baby went. Luckily I really do think it was a phase because she seems to be back to herself.

-She has always been a really good eater but she's gotten a bit pickier these days. Some days she will eat everything I put on her plate and others she won't touch anything. She prefers raw vegetables over cooked and likes to dip them in ranch.

-She loves cereal with milk but she will usually drink all of the milk out of the bowl and just leave the cereal.

-She loves to paint and color with markers, play with blocks and dolls, and play dress up.

-She sleeps from 7:30 PM to about 6:00 AM and usually takes a 2-3 hour nap every afternoon.

-She loves anything cupcake related. She is still obsessed with her cupcake duplo blocks and I recently bought her some tiny erasers that are food shaped. She has carried around the little cupcake one ever since.

-She really loves watching tv and her favorite movie is Madagascar 3. We've seen it at least 50 times.

-Right now she is really fighting me on fixing her hair. I think our days of pigtails and other cute styles might be gone for a while. I'm lucky if I can get it brushed and out of her face with a bow.

-She's incredibly stubborn and I have to resort to bribery more often than I'd like to admit.

-And on the stubborn note, she is not even close to potty trained. She was using the potty for #2 about 95 percent of the time for the last few months but she has recently decided to hide while she does it instead. We are working on it but I haven't really hit potty training hard. I know she gets it but I guess she's just not interested. I'm hoping we can have it done before Adelyn arrives.

-She really loves babies and is quite obsessed with her baby sister. She loves to lift up my shirt and kiss my belly and she goes around saying "I love baby Adewyn."

-I know every parent says this, but she is just so smart and she has the most amazing memory. She will bring up stuff that happened months ago and remember every detail. She constantly amazes me with the things she says!

-Our neighbors Rainie and Lily are her best friends. She talks about them all the time. If she hears them outside she immediately goes to the front door so she can go out and see them.

-She is getting better at independent play. I will often find her playing with her little people or other dolls. She will have them walking around and having conversations with each other. It's so much fun to watch her when she doesn't know I'm there.

-She has no stranger anxiety and really has no problem going into new environments on her own. She's been to several different church nurseries in our search for a church and she has gone right in every time without a problem. I guess as long as there are toys, she is happy!

-I know this goes without saying, but she definitely has my heart and she makes every day better. Yes, she throw tantrums. And she has embarrassed me out in public on more than one occasion. But she has the sweetest smile I have ever seen and a heart of gold. I've said it before and I will say it again and again: I don't know what we did to deserve her but I am so thankful that we get to be her parents. She is definitely the best thing that ever happened to us, tantrums and all!!!

Jennie said...

She is so cute! Such a beautiful family!
Come link up with us today!

Amanda said...

These pics are so great! And Mallory is not even close to being potty trained either. She has no interest at all so I'm not forcing it and I'm hoping she will see her friends at daycare going potty and she will at least want to start doing it on her on.

~Dawn~ said...

OHMYGOODESS....her sweet little face is precious...and I LOOOVVVE when her little nose scrunches up! Adorable.

Lyndsey said...

That second to last picture might be my fave - it's just so sweet and innocent looking! Liam was doing amazing with potty training and has recently regressed as well. I'm trying not to push it right now since he's about to go through a lot of changes, so we may wait and revisit it again when things calm down. She looks just adorable as always in all her pictures and her super straight hair is what I'm pretty sure Liesl's is going to look like (but brown)! I need to go back in your posts and see all the hairstyles you've done with her because I was never able to get my straight hair to do much!

Mandy said...

She is just as beautiful as her mama! I love that sweet little smile and scrunched up nose!! :) At least you can say that you've experienced the "terrible twos" and hopefully they are a thing of the past! I bet it was probably a form of her trying to process her daddy being gone. She's just precious and I wish that she and Ann Elise could play together all the time!

Traci said...

Isn't is scary how much they remember? Hadley will bring up things that we haven't done in over a year and it takes me a while to realize what she's talking about.

Paula Lynch said...

Sweet girl. She is adorable.

MrsMcDancer said...

What a gorgeous little girl. Glad to hear that her grumpy days seemed to just be a phase. Love the photos!

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