Baby # 2: 18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 Weeks

Size of baby: About the size of mango

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  +9 pounds (Yikes! I haven't worked out in two weeks and didn't eat very well while I stayed at the hospital with Jesse so I'm not surprised. I am trying to stay around 30-35 pounds so this big gain stressed me out a bit! Time to get back into my workout routine!!)

Maternity Clothes: I am pretty much only wearing maternity clothes now. I've tried a few regular shirts but I feel like they are too short and they drive me crazy! I also tried to wear a pair of denim shorts that I have been able to fit into throughout my pregnancy. Unfortunately I couldn't even button them! I'd say that I have definitely popped this week. Looking back at pictures, I'd say I'm about the size I was at 22 weeks with Emerson.

Gender: A girl (At least according to our ultrasound at 15 weeks. Since then I've read a bunch of stories about people being told incorrectly that early. We have our anatomy scan next week so I'm anxious to see if she's still a girl!!!) Once we get confirmation I will be sharing her name.

Movement: Not a lot of kicks, mostly pressure as if she is pushing on my stomach with her bottom or head. I'm surprised because according to my 18 week post with Emerson I could feel movement on the outside by this time.

Symptoms: I feel like I am starving all the time. I'm trying to make somewhat healthy choices but yesterday I just HAD to have a bagel with cream cheese. It was seriously amazing!

Sleep: I have been exhausted so sleep has been pretty good. I've even taken a few naps during the day.

What I miss: nothing really

Cravings:  potatoes, bagels

Best Moment This Week: Realizing that I am exactly 5 months from my due date! Also, one of my dear friends had her baby boy this week. I have loved seeing all of the pictures of their handsome little guy and it has made me even more excited to have a newborn in the house again!

Shopping: Just two outfits so far. After our anatomy scan next week I'm sure I'll do some more shopping. I'm also excited to start getting out all of E's clothes and hanging them up the closet. I've also been on the lookout for cute coordinating outfits for the girls!

On another note, I didn't get a chance to do a bumpdate last week since we spent most of it in the hospital. I did, however, manage to snap a little belly shot in the bathroom mirror. It's not the most flattering (no makeup and messy hair) but it's real life so I might as well share it! :) I also can't believe the growth of this belly in one week! 

Lyndsey said...

You look all belly to me girl! And so cute! I just held my friends 3 day old tonight and it got me so excited to have a squishy little newborn around again too! You're almost halfway there already I can't believe it! :)

Mallorie said...

You look awesome! And that baby girl is a growin'! :-) Love reading your updates and can't believe you're this far along already! I cannot wait to hear her name!!

It's A Love Story said...

so cute i bit your excited!

Jamie Lopatynski said...

You look great and it's amazing how much your bump can change week to week! Especially with your second!

Emily Powell said...

we found out before 15 weeks and they were right! I'm sure it's "still" a girl!

Tammy said...

You look as cute as ever! Isn't it amazing the growth that happens in one week? I can't believe you're almost at the halfway mark!!

Natalie said...

Before I read your maternity clothes section I was thinking you popped this week! You look so cute :) Love that baby belly!
And oh gosh, wouldn't that be crazy if it wasn't a girl?! I was kind of freaked about that w/ Callyn because the tech wasn't really very sure, she just said 'it's probably a girl' so the rest of my pregnancy it was at the back of my mind that she might actually be a boy! And then a lot of little old ladies kept stopping me in the store and talking to me and guessing I was having a boy because of how I carried so then I was REALLY afraid of that haha! Only afraid because I had bought so much pink ;)

Marcella{The Life After "Trust Me"} said...

I was going to say, before I read on, that you looked like your belly hand just popped out!
I had ultrasounds constantly in my pregnancies and I always asked to make sure it was what they said it was.
I was always so worried the baby would come out the opposite sex!

Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

I remember even after finding out we were having a girl at my 19 week ultra sound last time, I was still worried that they were wrong. haha. We find out what we're having this Wed. I can't wait!!!

Sarah said...

Looking great! You've definitely popped!

Jamie said...

Aww. Your belly is adorable!

Callie Nicole said...

You look so cute!

Mandy said...

How did I miss this post? lol Happy 18 (almost 19 now) weeks sweet friend!! You look just as beautiful as ever (pregnancy definitely suits you!!!!)- You are all belly!
Good luck tomorrow at your anatomy scan. Praying for a healthy baby girl and can't wait for you to tell everyone her name!! :)

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