A Life Update in Pictures

Last Wednesday was Jesse's birthday. We kept it lowkey and simple and I completely failed at taking any pictures, but I do have this precious video of Emerson singing Happy Birthday to her Daddy. I think it's the best version of Happy Birthday either of us has ever heard.

On Thursday Jesse had a doctor's appointment. Emerson and I drove him but we decided to wait in the car. She was so excited to sit in the back seat and watch a movie.
-Unfortunately we didn't get the news we were hoping for. It looks like Jesse will be on his crutches for about another 6 weeks. He will have a procedure to remove two screws in November before he can try putting weight on his leg. We were both disappointed to hear this but we are thankful that everything is healing properly and he is feeling pretty good in general. He's just so tired of being on crutches and I don't blame him one bit. I do have to say that he is not letting them slow him down, though. He has been doing everything with us and has even taken over bath time for Emerson. It's hard enough with two good legs so I think he's pretty brave for doing it! :)

-After his appointment, Emerson had dance. She got a new leotard and tights from Mimi and she was so excited to wear them.

-On Friday evening we decided to hit up Sonic and then head to the duck pond and playground. Emerson had her first lemon berry slush and she was quite obsessed. I only let her drink less than half and she was still pretty hyper afterwards.

There were only two other people there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The weather was perfect and we had such a great time. We've decided it will be our new Friday night tradition.

On Saturday we attended the Halloween festival in our neighborhood. I shared a few pictures on Saturday, but here are a few more. It was a pirate theme so they had fun activities for the kiddos like walking the plank and digging for treasure. I didn't really get any pictures of E in the action, but I think she had a fun time.

 She was most excited about this little ring she got for completing the pirate's treasure map.

-Later that evening we barbecued for the first time since Jesse's been home. We had to set it up a little differently than usual but it worked out just fine! :)

Yesterday was the grand opening for the new church. The service was awesome and there were almost 400 people in attendance! I  think there were a little over 100 from another church that came to support the opening and the rest were local people. Pretty amazing for a brand new church, huh? We are excited to be part of it as it grows! They had a photo booth set up after the service, but we didn't get a chance to stop by. I did, however, get a few pictures of Emerson in her cute little zebra outfit.

It was 91 degrees here yesterday so fall clothes just weren't happening. We are expecting it to cool down this week, so hopefully we can at least wear a scarf and long sleeves. :)

And I think we are pretty much caught up now. Our Halloween activities have kept us pretty busy and we have both looked forward to them each day. I am also loving that I have been taking lots of pictures! My girl is growing way too fast and I don't want to miss a second.

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

That video of Emerson singing to Jesse is just so cute! Thanks for sharing it with us! :) If I could, I would send you some fall weather. Our weather went from 90 degrees on Friday, to 50's on Sunday. Fall has come upon us!

Tiffany said...

Awwww, it looks like such a fun week for you guys! That park looks like so much fun and I loved the pirate party!

Emily said...

I love her Halloween costume, it's so cute!!!

Natalie said...

Awww you guys look like you are really enjoying his birthday and this wonderful season of fall! :)

~Dawn~ said...

That video is precious!! One you'll be watching for years to come, I'm sure!

Lyndsey said...

I love, love, love E's dance outfit! Is three weeks old too early to enroll in dance? I just can't wait! I have been loving your Halloween series too by the way and need to get going on some of them for Liam! And you are inspiring me to take more pictures, my battery is charging as we speak :)

Marcella{The Life After "Trust Me"} said...

Sorry to hear that Jesse has to be on crutches longer but better safe than sorry.
Love all the pictures of E!!

Rebekah said...

That video is the cutest thing! I'm sorry to hear that Jesse will be on crutches for awhile longer but I'm impressed he's getting around so well! Emerson looks so cute in that Halloween costume, and all the pictures in general! :)

Gabriella said...

Her smile is just the cutest!

Mateya said...

Such a bummer about Jesse and the crutches :(

You seriously are rocking that bump girl...you look great!

Love Emerson's costume...she's looking like such a big girl!

ajs {of MN} said...

tami!!!! i am soooo far behind, i am sorry and i have missed you! i will be catching up and hope to keep up from here on thru the holidays!

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