Day 11: Grow a Monster

When I saw this little skeleton in the dollar section at Joann's, I knew Emerson would love it. She loves the "Dem Bones" song and has been carrying around a plastic skeleton since we dug out our Halloween stuff at the beginning of October.
As you can see from the package, it says that it can grow up to 600 percent.

Emerson was super excited to put it in the water. 

Unfortunately that's pretty much where the fun ended. The package said that it could take up to 10 days for the skeleton to grow. I didn't see that when I bought it. We all know that a toddler is not going to wait 10 days for anything! We did leave it in there for a few days and I think it might have grown about a half an inch.

When we finally took it out it was all slimy! We dried it off because it said it would shrink back to it's normal size. I'm not sure if it shrank but it was super fragile and it's limbs kept falling off.

So, this is one of our little activities that I'd probably say I don't recommend. Even though Emerson loved it, I don't think it was worth the dollar I spent! :)

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